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Muscle Memory

Today we hiked westward along Hadrian’s Wall from Cawfields Milecastle to Birdoswald. Retracing the steps of the Roman soldiers who patrolled this stretch of land makes one think about the power of repetitive action and its roll in remembrance. 428 more words

Inter-process Communication (IPC): messaging system to publish/consume one million messages per second using just one cheap machine.

Nowadays people is talking about how to use technologies like kafka to publish two million messages per second like in this post, or cassandra to execute over a million writes per second like in this other… 1,227 more words


Canny edge detector

On this post I’m going to implement the canny edge detector algorithm made by John Canny.

I will provide multiple implementations on CUDA:


Our sprawling cities

x                                Our sprawling cities
No longer have space for trees
Or even the dead
To feed them—our memories
x                               Become crumbling museums


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