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Step Parenting

Of course we’re all evil!

The story of Cinderella pretty much sealed the fate on this one.  There shall be no admiration for any step parent anywhere so help us God.  1,973 more words


The End of Child Support Annuities? North Dakota Shared Parenting Bill Passes Senate

Tiny North Dakota (population wise, anyway) almost made a big move when it comes to ending the 18-year child support annuities Anglo women currently enjoy. House Bill 1392, the “shared parenting bill” just passed the North Dakota Senate. 590 more words

The Sexes

Tory MP calls for strict enforcement of child arrangement orders

Excellent news here in the UK parliament. A couple of weeks ago PA was debated, now we have a private member’s bill being put forward by an engaged tory MP  (and supported by several of her party) to change the law regarding enforcement of child arrangement orders. 50 more words


Hoffnungen der Väter sind berechtigt

Positive signs are coming all of a sudden from Austria. This article forwarded from Famile & Familienrecht reports on an interview with a state judge ( 44 more words


Wütende Väter schöpfen neue Hoffnung

Another article on the German Supreme Courts ruling that shared-parenting can be applied in Germany,  if 1) it is in the childs interests and 2) the parents are not already battling it out in court. 168 more words


Darum hat sie ihre Familie für die Liebe verlassen

Interesting story from the German periodical Bunte. This is from a best-selling author and mother who details how she came to terms with shared parenting,  why she wanted it, and also the reaction from other mothers. 37 more words


Gerichte dürfen Eltern geteilte Betreuung vorschreiben

Interesting story from WELT online.

The German supreme court has decided that there should not be a problem if the family courts decree a shared-parenting construct. 196 more words