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This is an update of a BOOKMAN LAW post from June, 2013. The issues surrounding self-represented litigants are not going away. This topic dominates the legal news, law related conversations, and speeches by jurists, lawyers and politicians. 801 more words


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A few days ago I posted a fact situation that is true and recent. It can be found below. 1,480 more words


TERRY BRENNAN is the co-founder of “LEADING WOMEN FOR SHARED PARENTING”, an organization based in the United States, with invited members located world-wide. Members include women who are Senators, members of the House of Representatives, state and municipal politicians, social workers, psychologists, scientists, psychiatrists, journalists, attorneys, child custody experts, domestic violence experts, and many other professional women. 608 more words

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Letters: A survivor's tale

Re: Dads Are Parents, Too, Barbara Kay, July 13; Sharing Custody, letter to the editor, July 14.
Most people divorce for a good reason. 1,057 more words

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Barbara Kay: Dads are parents, too

Poor, poor, poor Gwen Stefani. The Hollywood star split from her rocker husband Gavin Rossdale in 2015. But that’s not why we must pity her. After all, Stefani’s marriage lasted longer than those of most of her peers. 787 more words

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Disneyland Dad

The title “Disneyland Dad” is quiet popular. For most mothers who are divorced or separated this terminology makes you cringe at the sound of it. The thought that your child(ren) will be going over to your ex’s house only to have no rules, no guidelines, and no structure is borderline terrifying! 2,283 more words

My Step-Mother Journey

The Normalized Suffering of Parents

For years I have watched my friends who are parents suffer. Suffer overwhelm, an almost insane lack of time for themselves, and for their partners if they have one. 995 more words

Shared Parenting