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Happily Divorced - Helping Each Other

So I guess I could have started with this topic because really this is at the core of it all.  Bob and I have consistently and willingly helped each other through big life events and the little things.  842 more words


Bullies, Racism, and Your Kid's Shitty Attitude.

I gotta get some shit off of my chest. What do these three things, bullying, racism and a bad attitude have in common. We frequently think that we have solved these problems and then BOOM! 438 more words

Conflicting Dreams - Motorcycles and Boats

If I had to pick a pivotal topic within our marriage that changed the course of our future, I would pin it to decisions that evolved around  motorcycles and boats.  1,983 more words


Shared Parenting After Divorce Gains New Attention — Family First NZ

LifeZette.com 23 February 2017Family First Comment: “In 2014, a team led by psychologist Richard Warshak of 110 world experts endorsed a paper, which said, “A meta-analysis of 33 studies reported better emotional, behavioral, and academic functioning for children in joint physical custody compared with children in sole custody, regardless of the level of conflict between…

11 more words

Happily Divorced - Celebrating Graduation

Ah, graduation.  Parents of many children probably celebrate this quite differently in their minds and hearts than those of us who have only one child.  And married parents too look to this as an opportunity to transition their relationship back to what it was pre-child.  968 more words


Co-Parenting and Discipline - A United Front

Of all the parenting topics I cover, this one is central to why we needed to get this co-parenting thing right.  I refused to let Ian be a casualty of my choices.  2,360 more words


Happily Divorced - Nurturing the Musician

From before the time when Ian entered this world, I fully expected to give birth to a musician, or at least a person that had a keen appreciation and aptitude for music. 2,517 more words