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Emphasize the Christian dimensions of your leadership.

I want to emphasize the specifically Christian contribution to leadership. Jesus Christ is a model of what leadership can be. 506 more words

Spiritual Leadership

Muslim Marriage Goals

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu dear sisters and brothers

I was married at a very young age, I’m turning 25 this year and I had my 7 year old today after 1 year of marriage. 388 more words


REDISCOVER GREAT LEADERSHIP: Reflection 6--Integrate leadership and spirituality

I propose there are no great leaders without a commitment to spirituality. If size, balance sheets, status, personnel numbers, salary, profits, power, and so on, determined great leaders then some Wall Street executives, healthcare industry CEOs, politicians, even religious administrators would be great leaders, and obviously many are not. 347 more words

Spiritual Leadership

Shared vision of the future

With all of this work I am doing on myself and Jersey Boy is doing on himself, I had a thought.  What would the day to day life look like if we are to get back to living together?  1,074 more words

Rule #1 For A Successful Startup: Hire The Right Key Employees - Forbes.com

One of the most important business decisions any entrepreneur has to make is who they hire as their first key employees. In our case, it was the hiring of our first Sales Rep.

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My Vision of Leadership

The vision of leadership changes from people to people. In my opinion, choices we made represent ourselves. When it comes to leadership it is the same. 885 more words