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People Like Us

Seth Godin occasionally uses the phrase, “People like us do things like this” when talking about how people mobilize to accomplish something together.  I think the phrase can be taken in a couple ways.   422 more words

Shared Vision

Vision and Personal Responsibility

Vision* is a matter of personal responsibility.  To help illustrate that point, consider a few rhetorical questions:  Who’s responsible for what happens in your life?  Who’s responsible for your workplace?   1,068 more words

Shared Vision

Creative Tension - The Energy to Do the Work

There are some other ideas that are important to talk about along with shared vision and aspiration. These other ideas are important because I recognize that in the… 1,472 more words

Shared Vision

Shared Vision: Waste of Time or Essential for Success?

One of the central themes of A New Workplace is the effort to define a vision* for the places we work.  The value of developing a shared vision is sometimes taken for granted.   1,149 more words

Shared Vision

How can Indiana Public Schools increase teacher retention?

In a recent article, Indiana Public Schools continue to struggle with the reduction in teacher retention which results in depleting school resources and impacts student achievement. 864 more words


[digital ecology]

“It’s a beautiful thing when information spreads naturally and one singular person does not hold all the information.”

Detroit, a city challenged to reassert itself, has found strength through “digital ecology.” … 506 more words