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The Corporate Business Structure

Any person or group of people conducting business in Georgia must be registered with the Secretary of State to do so, as well as the proper federal and local tax entities. 353 more words


Be Thankful!

Entrepreneurs have a lot to be thankful for!

First and foremost are our country and the free market system that allow Entrepreneurs the opportunity to create and grow businesses and prosper. 168 more words


Tesla asks for sub 1.9 week deposit to full transfer of $250,000

While the new Tesla Founders Series Roadster will supposedly be the fastest car in the world (at least in 1.9secs 0-100km/h) if it ever gets built it remains to be seen whether those $250,000 deposits will disappear inside Tesla inside that the acceleration figures. 81 more words

Sign Of The Times

November 17

November 17, 1999 – Disney Stockholders Approve Whole Acquisition of Infoseek

On November 17, 1999, Disney stockholders approved the plans for The Walt Disney Company to acquire the remaining stock of Infoseek, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary. 75 more words

Shift your investment from corporates that stick to IR to those that self promote through PR

Fund managers will find it tougher in the new post MiFID2 world to discover new companies in Japan. The sell-side research houses are likely to focus less and less on the one part of the market that clients are likely to be interested in – smaller medium sized enterprises which have unique business models exploiting the slow to change direction super tanker large caps. 344 more words

Sign Of The Times

How Banks Affect Borrowers’ Corporate Governance and Incentive Structures

It is well known that banks play an important role in monitoring borrowing firms (e.g., Diamond, 1984). Yet, how banks choose among alternative mechanisms that reduce agency costs with borrowers is not completely understood. 865 more words

Corporate Governance

Nuvelty Press Conference (November 12th, 2017)

Nuvelty.com would like to thank everyone, for productive and positive optimism throughout our week this week.

As far as many of you are concerned, there are no issues or warning to disperse throughout all activities in operations at this very moment. 57 more words