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HOLMAN W. JENKINS, Jr. --- Hillary vs. the Wisdom of Crowds

Wall Street Journal — How will six different capital-gains rates make managements or shareholders any less concerned with quarterly earnings? She doesn’t say.

Hillary Clinton would string syllables together in any order if she thought it would get her to the White House, so it’s with that giant asterisk that we examine the content of her capital-gains plan unveiled in a speech in New York last week. 51 more words


JAMES FREEMAN: Hillary Blames Business

Wall Street Journal — But don’t worry. Mrs. Clinton has a plan to ‘save capitalism.’

In year seven of the Obama presidency, where can Democrats lay the blame for slow growth in jobs and wages? 81 more words


Facebook Defeats Shareholder Litigation Over IPO

A federal appeals court on Friday said Facebook officials including Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg cannot be sued by shareholders who said the social media company concealed threats to its growth prospects before its May 2012 initial public offering. 339 more words


How to Improve Client Relationships Just by Listening

We are in a technical business employing a lot of technical people delivering services. Usually, it is a very small number who contribute directly to bringing in new business. 599 more words


Boards and the Law

Understanding the fiduciary duty that your Coop Board has to the shareholders can help you determine if they acting within the parameters of the law. This article from… 2,069 more words

Co-ops And Condos

Google shareholders revel in record 1-day windfall of $65.1 billion

Google’s stock roared out of a long slumber Friday to produce the biggest shareholder windfall in  history as investors rewarded the Internet company for promising to curb its spending on risky projects. 443 more words


Dealing with Dissenting Shareholders

Q: How do I address dissenting non-majority shareholders who disrupt operations and threaten litigation if I don’t buy them out at an inflated price?

A: When you hold shares in a publicly traded company, you are free to sell those shares on the open market. 484 more words