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How to Slay a Dragon - Shareholder Remedies in Malaysia

Within the corporate sphere, there is an ever-present tension between majority rule, where the majority shareholders are allowed to dominate the decision-making process, and that of protection of minority shareholders. 1,130 more words

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Friedrichs Amici Brief: Corporate Law Professors

In the run-up to oral argument in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, OnLabor will be reviewing some of the significant amicus briefs that have been filed in the case. 419 more words

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How To Buy Your Home (and more) with Corporate Funds - Tax Free!

One of the areas that the Canada Revenue Agency puts great effort into auditing is the shareholder’s loan account.  This is an account that keeps detailed records of any money the shareholder has loaned the corporation as well as corporate money withdrawn for personal use. 424 more words

Canada Revenue Agency

Chapter 41 Exit God Out Book One: The Unexpected Terrestrial

Chapter 41

Maggie waited impatiently at the front lobby, her sticky fingers marking up the glass doors Amarr had just cleaned. Finally the big black car came into view, and she started to hop up and down. 1,608 more words


Amazon earnings: Maybe investors aren't obsessed with short-term gains?

Is short-termism the scourge of capitalism? If you asked 100 people I suspect you’d get 95 yeses. But I’m a skeptic of that view, and Amazon’s earnings report on Thursday reinforces, surprisingly, the case that just maybe the stock market is not irrationally short-term oriented. 490 more words


Why this CEO is missing out on an $80 million payday

Chubb CEO John Finnegan won’t have an extra $80 million to fall back on if he is kicked out of or leaves his company, even after the company merges with Ace. 137 more words



Netflix (NFLX) reported 3Q15 results, with earnings per share to disappoint market estimates ($0.07 vs. $0.08).
In the quarter it and in relation to expectations for 4Q15 ($0.02 designed by Netflix vs. 243 more words