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Fixing User Cannot Be Found in SharePoint 2010 Workflow Settings

We started getting this error overnight on our SharePoint 2010 farm. Workflows stopped working, we couldn’t republish list workflows, and we couldn’t access the Workflow Settings page for any list or library on the entire site collection. 75 more words

SharePoint 2010 Standard

HOWTO Manually Delete Activity Feeds from the SharePoint 2010 User Profile Database

WARNING: This process directly updates the SQL Server database used to host user profiles. It is not supported by Microsoft, and you may inadvertently damage your SharePoint environment following these steps. 273 more words

SharePoint 2010 Standard

Using the Synchronization Service in SharePoint 2010 - Forefront Identity Manager 2010

If you use the User Profile Synchronization Service in SharePoint 2010, you may not realise that you are also getting an identity management product included – Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (or FIM 2010). 446 more words

SharePoint 2010 Standard

SharePoint 2010 Standard, SharePoint 2010 People Search

SharePoint Enterprise vs Standard
SharePoint 2010 People Search
SharePoint 2010 Site Search

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise vs Standard, SharePoint 2010 Standard Hosting, SharePoint 2010 People Search, SharePoint Site Search… 260 more words

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SharePoint 2010 Content Deployment - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Content deployment in SharePoint 2010 works fantastically well. Once it is working. Getting to the ‘working’ stage however is a path that can cause a lot of pain, not the least of which is getting a generic error! 1,589 more words


HOWTO Start the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Service with PowerShell

I have two web front-ends in my SharePoint 2010 farm with Central Administration running on one of the front-ends. I was having some serious performance problems on the Central Admin-enabled server and wanted to start Central Admin on my other server. 255 more words


Create Sites in SharePoint 2010 Fails

This was a hang-over from a sharepoint upgrade performed at a client site.

Each time the client tried to create a new site (i.e. sub-web) they would get hit with a correlation id and site creation failure, and the diagnostic log entries were: 309 more words