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SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 Migration - Strange issue - Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationRuntime.SPRequestModuleData.GetWebPartPageData(

Problem Case
SharePoint web application migrated 2010 to 2013, master page was mis-aligned css wise and web parts were not editable. So Microsoft recommends to create a new master page for SharePoint 2013. 774 more words

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SharePoint is currently configured to block intranet calls

Quick fix:


Sharepoint 2010

Add Column to List and Content type Using Powershell

Below is the code you need to execute to add a column to List and Content type using PowerShell. Copy below code to notepad, rename the notepad with… 208 more words


Developer's Tools: How To Generate Basic Authentication Token

This demo is about another tool that I worked out during an assignment while working with an integration scenario using web services supporting Basic Authentication. 243 more words

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Conectando SharePoint no SQL Server

Opá que post é esse, isso não é nada aconselhável… Muitos devem estar falando isso, mas isso necessidade surgiu desse post aqui -> Problemas com a proc_ListUrls… 244 more words

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Mapeando Lista SP em Entidades tipadas

Mapear listas do SharePoint em Entidades fortemente tipadas

 Vamos aprender a converter nossas listas do SharePoint para Entidades que são fortemente tipadas, por isso vai usar o Framework Sennit Sharepoint AutoMapper. 51 more words

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