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Create the Secure Store

Generate the Secure Store key

Create the Business Intelligence web app and site collection

Test the sample Excel Workbook included with the BI Center… 598 more words

SharePoint 2010

Reporting multivalue filter not working

Recently in a SharePoint 2010 farm, we found a problem where was not possible to apply a multivalue filter in a report made with Reporting Services for SharePoint. 96 more words

Sharepoint 2010

Test Outgoing email

If you are experiencing email issues, for example troubleshooting alerts problems in Sharepoint, first thing you have to check is whether the server (in this case the SharePoint Server) is able to send emails, regardless Sharepoint is installed or not. 170 more words

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Difference between SPList.ItemCount and SPList.Items.Count

Many times we encounter difficulties to choose between SPList.ItemCount and SPList.Items.Count while querying the share point list.

So after reading this blog,you will be in better position to choose between SPList.ItemCount and SPList.Items.Count ;) 173 more words

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Delete site collection by reading csv File

Below script will read from csv file and delete the site collection.

Create CSV file with column name SiteUrl and add the list of sitecollection url. 108 more words

Sharepoint 2013

Change title of new /edit/ view list form

In SharePoint 2010 whenever you do any operation with respect to list like add,view and edit,it open in modal dialog box.

We had one of the requirement as to remove hyphen(-) from the modal title. 104 more words

Sharepoint 2010

How to embed Facebook pages posts the most easy way to your Sharepoint site

For times when no big customization is needed Facebook provides nice “out of the box”-functionality for sharing Facebook page and it’s posts on your site. 9 more words