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Customizar 'XSL Date Formats' - SharePoint

Existem varios post com esse tema, mas nenhum de maneira tão assertiva quanto esse, nas pesquisas que fiz não achei nenhum que explicasse o começo, o meio e o fim, então vamos lá. 191 more words

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How to update AutoSPInstaller to install SharePoint with SQL Server Authentication

AutoSPInstaller is very flexible and it can be easily extended by overriding existing PowerShell functions in AutoSPInstallerFunctions.ps1. You just have to include the updated functions in “ 584 more words


BreadCrumb SharePoint para List e Library

A dica de hoje pode salvar muita gente, assim espero, e vai ser muito fácil de ser implementada, criei um script que renderiza um breadcrumb, totalmente customizado, sem usar qualquer… 105 more words

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Office Files too big? Inspect them!

Today I had a problem with a group of users that were trying to work with a very large PowerPoint file in SharePoint and didn’t realize until I downloaded a local copy of the file that it was too big to work with through Office Web Apps. 117 more words

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Cannot create Sharepoint Search Service application

Lately I ran into major issue on Sharepoint Search Service application cannot be created, after doing various iterations, below are the steps to make a clean start and a brand new Sharepoint service application (this was in Sharepoint 2010) 276 more words

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How to disable SharePoint loopback check (DisableLoopbackCheck dword in registry)

I’ve found this very handy..recently, I was working on a server and we were trying to access the local SharePoint site or http://nameoflocalserver/pages/default.aspx and I was constantly prompted for the username and password. 249 more words

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Find and Remove Sharepoint orphaned feature

Lessons learned while retracting SP feature – run this one which will display all the orphaned feature (meaning if they were rectracted unproperly and prevent you for active them again during deployment). 72 more words

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