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Deselect "automatically detect settings" in IE using GPP

Lately I struggled with finding a way to deselect “automatically detect settings” in IE for all users of a customer.

There are no GPO settings for this and the GPP IE settings doesn’t allow to set this for any IE versions before IE10 and the customer needs IE9 for compatibility issues with their SharePoint sites. 115 more words


Custom Workflow Triggering Issue

Custom Workflow triggering issue:

Timer job can triger a workflow,


Guid wfguid = new Guid(“123456789”);

objWorkflowManager = site.WorkflowManager;

objWorkflowAssociationCollection = ResignationList.WorkflowAssociations;

foreach (SPWorkflowAssociation objWorkflowAssociation in objWorkflowAssociationCollection)

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Open List attachments in new tab/window

Hello Floks,

Recently one my client is looking for solution in which all the list item attachment should be open in new tab or window as they have compare more than one files simultaneously. 75 more words

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SharePoint Workflows - User cannot be found


  • While triggering a workflow on list/library item or when user tries to open List/Library Workflow Settings from Top Ribbon, error page is shown with error message – User cannot be found with Correlation ID.
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Quick way to import and publish nintex workflows to your server via PowerShell

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

function ImportUserDefinedActions($siteUrl, $workflowLocation)

$web = Get-SPWeb $siteUrl

::LoadWithPartialName('Nintex.Workflow') | Out-Null

#Look inside folder and get all uda files
Get-ChildItem $workflowLocation -Filter *.uda | 292 more words

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PowerShell report on Site Columns

# ======================================================================
# Microsoft PowerShell Script
# NAME:                 ColumnReport.ps1
# AUTHOR:        Scott
# DATE:                 11/19/2015
# DESCRIPTION:  Loops web apps, collections, sites to find a specific column. 103 more words

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Folders uninterrupted - the enduring problem of folders

In September 2014 I presented to the Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA)’s annual conference in Adelaide, South Australia, on the subject of folders and how it is possible to manage digital content differently using products like SharePoint. 1,320 more words

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