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SharePoint 2010: Remove warning icon ‘Indicates a field that is updated automatically from the corporate directory. Changes to these properties may be lost’

I recently had to update a User Property (Manager) within my User Profile Synchronization Service to allow for SharePoint to be the authoritative source for this attribute.  286 more words

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Publishing, Spell check, and the RichHtmlField.

This is sort of a stream of consciousness article that I am writing while I tangle with disabling the spellcheck on a rich HTML field in a SharePoint 2010 publishing site. 1,209 more words


Create a reusable library template

Create a new library with the column headings you require. Then open the library settings, under permissions and management you will see the option “Save document library as template”. 22 more words

Sharepoint 2010

How to Create a Search Web Part in SharePoint 2010 Using Visual Studio

Hello Everyone.

SharePoint 2010 has existed for a long time but there is still no end to the knowledge pertaining to it. So yes we will see how to create a Search Web Part in SharePoint 2010 using Visual Studio. 524 more words

The SPMigrateUsers Tool for Changing Account Identities in SharePoint 2010

There are times in SharePoint when you want or need to change an account identity. The best example is with SAML claims. In virtually of my examples I use email address as the identity claim for users. 1,280 more words

Creating an Azure Persistent VM for an Isolated SharePoint Farm

The first step in being able to create a persistent VM in Azure is to get your account upgraded to take advantage of these features, which are all in preview. 1,752 more words

403 Forbidden Errors When Failing Over a SQL 2012 Availability Group with SharePoint 2010

I just had a heck of a time getting failover of a SQL 2012 Availability Group to work correctly with SharePoint 2010, so I thought I would share the outcome in case it helps anyone else. 366 more words