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Turn a SharePoint List or Library into an RSS Feed

Today I bring something easy to implement: how to turn a list or library into a RSS Feed.

If you want to convert a list to an RSS Feed, you have to do the following: 92 more words

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Custom Content Query Webpart View Additional/Custom Fields

Here I would like to explain details on How to fetch additional/custom fields in Custom Content Query webpart programmatically.

We can set CommonViewFields property of Custom Content Query webpart to fetch additional/Custom column. 177 more words


O365 CSOM - Client Side Object Model examples

Here are some examples on how to use CSOM with O365:

This is Microsofts’ link on the matter for more examples:


Remove SiteCollection

 var tenantAdminUri = new Uri(tenantAdminUrl);
 string realm = TokenHelper.GetRealmFromTargetUrl(tenantAdminUri);
 var token = TokenHelper.GetAppOnlyAccessToken(TokenHelper.SharePointPrincipal, tenantAdminUri.Authority, realm).AccessToken;
 using (var tenantContext = TokenHelper.GetClientContextWithAccessToken(tenantAdminUri.ToString(), token))
 // Set the time out as high as possible
 tenantContext.RequestTimeout = int.MaxValue;

 var tenant = new Tenant(tenantContext);

 //start the SPO operation to create the site
 SpoOperation op = tenant.RemoveSite(webUrl);
 tenantContext.Load(op, i => i.IsComplete);
 tenantContext.RequestTimeout = int.MaxValue;

 while (!op.IsComplete)
 Console.WriteLine("Waiting 30 seconds site to be provisioned");
 //wait 30seconds and try again

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SharePoint 2013: Central Administration cant create web application

Make sure you are running Central Administration as Administrator or open it with the Central Administration icon.

Central Administration

SharePoint Operating Model: Part 2 - Strategy

Part 1 – Introducing the SharePoint Operating Model

Part 2 – Strategy


A SharePoint Operating Model brings standardisation and integration to the processes and people running SharePoint. 2,133 more words

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SharePoint User Profile Synchronization does not show profile pictures

During my last two SharePoint installations I came across the same issue. When setting up the user profile synchronisation every property but the profile picture is nicely imported. 102 more words

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