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Event Update conducted on 29th Aug

Weekend went really great as seminar went really great. Thanks to all the speakers without which this seminar wouldn’t succeed. Now we have a new Sharepoint group. 193 more words

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SharePoint 2013 : Working with Chrome Control and Cross Domain Execution in Provider Hosted App

In the new SharePoint 2013 App model, the Apps can be hosted in one of the following hosting model: SharePoint Hosted (with in SharePoint Domain), Provided Hosted and Auto Hosted (Outside SharePoint Domain). 992 more words

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SharePoint 2013 security trimming on pages

SharePoint 2013 security trimming on pages

Pages with webparts (XsltListViewWebPart), which are rendering libraries, are giving an error for users without access to the content they are rendering. 238 more words

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Solution of "Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role: configuration error"

For some reason SharePoint 2013’s prerequisite msi cant find which server manager to use and fails installation of Prerequisite files.

So you need to go Windows/System32, find servermanager.exe ,duplicate it and then rename it to servermanagercmd.exe… 63 more words

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Create Managed User Profile Property

A customer asked me to do the migration from the SharePoint 2007 environment to SharePoint 2013 environment and automate some processes. One of the processes that needs to be automated is the creation of Managed User Profile Properties. 257 more words

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Fine-tune SharePoint performance

I’ve heard a few Administrators, and businesses as a matter of fact, stating that SharePoint is slow in some situations. Sometimes that slow performance is caused by a bad SharePoint Farm topology. 571 more words

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Error Creating Folder in “Report Document Library” in SharePoint 2013


I came across this issue while running SQL Server Reporting Services 2014 (SSRS) in SharePoint integrated mode in SharePoint 2013. As part of the SSRS integrated mode installation, you get a feature that enables a library template called “Report Document Library”. 358 more words

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