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Workflow Manager Configuration Error

I recently attempted to configure Workflow Manager 1.0 and Service Bus 1.0 for use by SharePoint 2016, using a certificate issued by our domain CA instead of self-generated certificates. 416 more words


Renaming SharePoint Document Set Programmatically

When renaming document sets in code, it needs to be done in the same way as renaming folders.

You can’t just change the Title, you’ll need to change the Name value as well, otherwise the document set / folder name remains the same. 20 more words

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Making SharePoint Trust Enterprise CAs

If you have an enterprise PKI, or even just a single CA, that issues certificates to services such as ADFS or Workflow Manager that you intend to use with your SharePoint Farm, it might be worth while importing you Root and Intermediate CA Certificates into SharePoint to make it trust the other services. 388 more words


Quick Win : Allow multiple contributors on Drop-off Library items

Hello everyone,

Today in the Quick Win series, I will talk about a problem that may arise when working with the Content Organizer feature.

Problematic… 390 more words

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Delete Missing Features - dig deeper

I have been tasked with deleting missing features from existing farm. Now there are many articles on this. Here are a few very useful one: 320 more words

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Updating Locked Workflow Task

When trying to update a workflow task item in code, you may get the error “This task is currently locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited.” 94 more words

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Cross domain issues with Office Online server 2016

Recently while provisioning a huge SharePoint 2016 farm (around 70 server) on MS-Azure with 3 Office Online servers, I came across some cross domain issues with Office Online. 261 more words

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