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Six Tips For Better SharePoint Business Apps

SharePoint Workflow, Forms and Reports

Great quick read on building apps in SharePoint.  Quick summary on tips:

  1. Easy to use tools
  2. Security
  3. Governance
  4. Intuitive Interfaces…
  5. 17 more words

Create SharePoint 2013 List from Powershell.

Have you ever had the need to create a SharePoint 2013 Custom List, and use powershell?

I had to create a couple of custom sharepoint lists, and thought this might help. 30 more words

SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2016 Forms Technology

I have seen a couple of customers and partners wanting to know, what the future of forms technology holds in SharePoint 2016?

I have been search the web for any links or articles and I have managed to find a few useful links.One thing is for sure, there is no definite answer to this question. 91 more words


Using C# to read data from a SharePoint list using the SharePoint REST API

If you’re working with a C# application that is required to read information contained in a SharePoint list located on an external SharePoint farm, the SharePoint REST API can provide just the solution that you’re looking for.   201 more words


Get the item count in a list inside a SharePoint site using PowerShell (Iterate through all subsites)

Here I got my first chance to work with PowerShell and I made it a point to write about this to keep this learning with me. 206 more words

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What can you build with Webparts360?

Since Webparts360 is an applications development framework, most of our clients use to build large connected systems to deliver “a single view of work”, i.e. a centralized dashboard consisting of many different functions and services so that it is more convenient for users to get work done. 151 more words

Adding custom columns in Search results SharePoint 2013

We created a Custom Commenting System in SharePoint (I’ll right another blog for it). The commenting system is based on SP Lists.
But now the requirements was to link the comments in search results as image shown below. 2,630 more words

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