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More Awesome Stuff: Volume? Episode XYZ

I’m back from a long hiatus. One month without computers. Aum shanti. What else can I say? Damn, that felt good.

Now, as I re-enter a broken country and endless clickables about bad bad things, I am trying to keep my cool, and my breath. 647 more words


Merry Christmas

So I couldn’t quite wait for January to share this with you all!

Something I have always done on past blogs, and want to continue doing here is to share with you the things I come across that I love so much I can’t help but pass it along. 189 more words

Chris Tomlin

5 Things Worth Sharing (Episode 2)

Hi everybody, here’s a list of 5 things worth sharing. They have nothing to do with the picture above. I just used that to draw you in, because, that’s what everybody seems to do anyway. 942 more words


Five Things Worth Sharing

Today, I just want to share five things I think are worth sharing.┬áIt’s pretty atypical for Fringe’s Folly to do a listicle, or to promote someone or some product.
805 more words


Knock Knock..."These Prison Gates Cannot Contain My Spirit"

Every now and then you come across something that is truly inspiring and deserves to be seen by the world. This is why we created the “For The Soul” section on the magazine’s website where we could have a space dedicated to sharing content that you just cannot afford to miss out on. 63 more words

South Africa

Sharewotthy- Same Love

So as I was scrolling through the “on the day” app on Facebook, I stumbled across this video. It’s mesaage couldnt of come at a better time. 45 more words

Overcoming Adversity

As We Celebrate Youth Day, Let Us Always Remember 1976

The year is gone but history is written.
It’s written and recorded in the media.
To inform the youth and the future young ones.
To inform them about 16 June 1976 in Soweto- Sharpeville, 272 more words

South Africa