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Lets talk about how cute this Anthropologie mail bag is (so cute that I may have framed it):

And how cute this Rifle Paper Co + Paper Crown… 36 more words


what I am learning...

Wise words from my beautiful friend, worth reading her post linked below!

“I am learning to dispense grace regularly – because it has been poured onto me  7 more words


Another Blog post dedicated to how amazing foam rolling is .

Reasons to foam roll:
• it can Reduce muscle soreness by speeding up your recovery time.
• Faster recovery time.
• Increase mobility/range of motion… 675 more words


"Faster? How about better?" More wisdom via Seth Godin

If I could have choice of picking anyone’s brain in the world – Seth Godin always comes to mind. Mike Dolce, Dwayne Johnson, Daymond John and Seth Godin are easily on my list for people who I would just want to spend a day with, ask a ton of questions, watch them in action and  learn as much as I could from! 286 more words


DRANK UP!! Just Drank and the #GallonChallenge


I know, you know this right? So, I was on one of my many Google Search tangents… planning my future SWETSWAG launch party- ( 257 more words


Hackfit Boston recap : doing insanity in a Microsoft Confrence Room and sleeping with friends

I definitely will add my own insight and feedback but Justin does such a great job summing up the sweatty entreprenurial genuis that ensued this past weekend at the second ever HACKFIT Boston. 192 more words


All Things Mongolian

As a college student more focused on doing well in my studies than what I would do when I finished them, and then a resident of a country in which meeting immediate needs far surpassed the importance of future planning (must wash clothes to wear tomorrow! 751 more words