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This week Awesome Stories brings you creative photography, heart listening, music, creativity and love.

Creative Photography

Hendy Mp, a talented nature photographer from Indonesia, has created this delightful… 444 more words

Awesome Stories

Can't Sleep

Betty Luceigh, Jan. 9, 2015

Can’t sleep tonight.
I keep myself awake asking “why?, why?, why?”
as if an answer would ease me into dreams. 387 more words


A Song Every Teenage Girl Should Listen To

From the amazing Ms. Natalie Merchant to all the beautiful 13 year old girls out there. To my beautiful Zar.


Mary Lambert "Body Love"

Thank you my BabyGirl, Zaria, for sharing this beautiful and powerful spoken word with me. I LOVE AND ADORE YOU!!!

This is to all of us who feel like we are not enough. 18 more words



Listening to the rain
Pitter, patter
On the window sill

Washing away the impurities
While I lie here with you
Listening to your breath synchronize with the beat of my heart… 27 more words


Beautiful Inspiration

Baby, just hold me,
Simply control me,
Because your arms they keep away the lonelies…

Alicia Keys
Never felt this way before (Interlude)


A Lover Plays The Breeze

Beauty, loved into existence, raised by an elder, entrancing its partner – the spirit.

Ray Bethell from Vancouver, past his 80th year, flies 3 kites at the Washington State International Kite Festival every year. 67 more words