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The Monday Music Medicine Show

Welcome to Monday Music Medicine Show!

I was listening to my playlist – as usual – while making breakfast, and thought, what song will I use for today’s Monday Music Medicine Show? 244 more words



Lately I’ve been wondering about people who are trying to forget they exist. (this is probably a really weird sentence) And I don’t mean when they wish they… 390 more words


Is It Healthy To Cheat?

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Could cheating help your relationship?

I am all for that.

Not really!

Just kidding!

In light of the revelation on AshleyMadison.com that over 35 million people of both sexes are looking for partners to cheat with, – in addition to those who have opted not to take their cheating hearts to the digital medium – it is appropriate to look into the “whole cheating thing”. 621 more words


About this site

There is nothing quite as painful as feeling alone. I’ve felt this way before and I still feel like this every now an then. At times when I’ve felt this loneliness, I’ve found comfort in reading and listening to the experience of others, near and far. 121 more words


The Question of Parental Oversharing

As my kids have grown out of infancy, I’ve thought more and more about where the boundaries are around what I share here on my blog and on other forms of social media. 1,084 more words


If Money Were No Object

If money were no object, what would you buy?

Let’s say you won the lottery and your life changed forever, what would you do? What’s one of the first things you would buy? 297 more words


The Vietnamese people have 10 major characteristics

Here I quote the old article in the Internet for the purpose of learning English.

According to the American Institute of Social Research, the Vietnamese people have 10 major characteristics. 240 more words