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meanwhile at the free store

i have two rooms now, well, two & a half…. one for household items & shoes (so many shoes!)
& one for clothes & toys. i figure put the toys in with the clothes so moms can look for clothes while kids make a mess with the toys. 96 more words


2020 Census Webinar -- Mobile Questionnaire Assistance Operation

A webinar was held by the Census Bureau on February 11, 2020 for the State Data Center Network.

The PowerPoint is also available.


Setting up calendar sharing in a multilingual company

A lot of companies want all their employees to have all calendars open by default. That way any employee can view the calendar of a colleague to check if he/she is available. 998 more words


Havenwood Garden Update

As preparations are going ahead for the garden in its new location, stay tuned for news posted by email and here on the garden web site. 54 more words


Love in Action

Recently, I attended the Manresa sharing event titled, “Love in Action” that was hosted by our Resident Director Angelo Coppotelli (RD AJ). The only way to describe it was as eye-opening. 234 more words


[Global UGRAD] Kỳ 6: Làm gì sau khi đậu phỏng vấn

Như bài kỳ trước nhắc đến, sau khi phỏng vấn trong vòng 1 tháng, những bạn đậu sẽ được thông báo kết quả qua email hoặc điện thoại từ người phụ trách các chương trình trao đổi văn hoá Mỹ theo 2 miền Bắc và Nam. 1,481 more words


A powerful photo showing terrified hounds cowering from the huntsman’s whip. These poor hounds lead a miserable life of neglect and fear.

Photo from the Surrey Union on the 22nd February 2020.