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The Man From Stratford on Avon

I am, unfortunately, a dedicated conspiracy theorist.  No, not the braying, unintelligent kind like Alex Jones who has an unhinged and hidden agenda.  More the Indiana Jones kind, seeking the truth no matter where it leads, but always relying on research, science, and creative methods of re-framing the facts in order to reveal truths that other people don’t see even when the answers are right in front of them. 585 more words


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Please check out authormbeyer 's blog, they have many great articles to read. Here is a conspiracy theory on Shakespeare! Whoo hoo! :)

Cat Sitting - Conversations with Stella

Me:        Stella, this morning, I was in the kitchen, calmly, methodically preparing my breakfast, when what to my wondering ears should sound but the excited, LOUD barking of bulldogs and an extremely annoyed feline cry from our cat, Moon. 348 more words


I suffer from back pain. I’m too stubborn to go to any specialists and get diagnosed with anything because I’m scared. I keep crossing my fingers hoping it’ll go away. 81 more words

Unpredictable Student Life

Being a student is comforting. Yesterday afternoon, I was asked why I want to start the second masters after completing my current one. I answered, being a student is luxurious. 245 more words


Everybody Has Something

I recently signed-up (or got active, not sure which) on Quora and following a few months of reading the most amazing answers to questions on subjects I didn’t even know existed by random people and completely enriching my knowledge bank, I realised I had come yet again in contact with another community and opportunity, and rather than give, I was only ‘taking’. 845 more words


Sharing is caring

I have watched so many programs where people have shared their life experiences and feelings through a blog and have personally delighted in scouring the internet to find my favs so I thought it was about time to get up close and personal with this blog thing. 118 more words


What’s it like to be an international student

At the age of 18, I accepted a university offer from the UK. I’d never been there before nor did I think about what would happen if I didn’t actually like it. 1,049 more words