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Today, before I write any other post let me say THANK YOU to my friends who nominated me for the above awards. I am extremely grateful to… 366 more words


Late Night Mumblings: Fear and Friends and Stuff

*Note: I’m going to start writing really informal and unfiltered late night posts that I’ll call Late Night Mumblings. They probably won’t make a lot of coherent sense but that’s fine. 501 more words

The Floral Market, Hong Kong

The Floral Market, Hong Kong

As the mother’s day is coming closer, my mother and I decided to go to the floral market in Hong Kong to check out some flowers. 173 more words


The World is All About Sharing!

I’ve always been told that sharing is important. In fact, I would get in trouble when I was younger for not sharing. I’m the only girl, so I was used to having all of my Barbie’s to myself until my friends came around. 182 more words


Lebih Baik Bawel Daripada Menyesal

Sejak awal menikah saya dan suami sudah memahami tentang pentingnya asuransi.  Terlebih suami saya.  Dengan badan yang kurang proporsional, setiap mau mengajukan asuransi pasti ada catatan tambahan: masuk kategori sub-standar, harus medical check up.  430 more words


Being happy!

I’m so happy. Happiness is such a good state of mind to be in.  What is it about being happy that makes a day seem brighter, chores less of a burden, its a feel good feeling. 186 more words


Warm and fuzzy.
I could fly.

I enjoyed the poem Shawn L. Bird posted yesterday and decided to try the prompts she shared, (I am…, I have…, 3-ing words, I feel…, I wish…). 8 more words