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4 Ways To Be Happy for Other People

It’s easy to feel bad about other people’s achievements. We compare ourselves to their personal position in life (as though life is a straight line with a finish!) and usually note the bad stuff. 748 more words

Personal Development

Cryptocurrencies, campervans, and laptop screens (there is a link, albeit a loose one)

I’ve been spending the last few days on all of the above.

On the one hand fixing a leaking van roof that’s been on the to do list for months. 125 more words

Campervan Life

After Rumors of the End of the World

If we are running out of time,

no one has told that to the avocado

which sits on the counter

hard and light green as if… 30 more words

Keseruan Menjual Berbagai Benih Tanaman Dan Sayuran Hidroponik Yang Banyak Di Minati Orang Kota


Kemarin dari sore sampai malam, ada yang menanyakan sayuran hidroponik, dan lokasi pembeli ternyata jauh-jauh, sementara order nya hanya sedikit, kalau dihitung-hitung ternyata berat di ongkir, belum lagi nanti khawatir setelah sampai ke tempat pembeli apakah masih segar atau sudah layu. 361 more words


BW Monastery Venerable Dao Ci - Be Aware Of How We Make Use Of Each Day

“With every thought that arises, let them be kind thoughts. Be clear and understand, be aware of how we make use of every day. With Folded Palms, Dao Ci.“ 32 more words

"The Shack"

What in an inspirational movie. There are many of films that talk about God, religion, worship and more. This is a first that I have seen and can relate to that only cover Faith, Belief, Understanding, Forgiving, Caring, and Loving. 102 more words



Kau katakan sedih, tapi sedihmu tak selamanya. Karena kulihat kau tertawa terbahak.

Kau katakan kau gundah, tapi kulihat kau sedang melucu dan membuat orang di sekitarmu tertawa. 214 more words