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Women and Wellness

God did not create us to be in isolation. He intended for us to be in community. I like the word community better than society, for communing is inclusive of nature, while society makes me think of the “Society” page in newspapers or magazines- where people of affluence show off. 144 more words


Jar of Sweetness

Today Sunday as told by Patrick

Sharing this Jar of Sweetness to all the readers!

Went to Trinoms (Trinoma) last Saturday for a fitness class, and to buy personal stuff like #TitoMeds for my injured knee, facial wash para more pogi to come, and etc. 252 more words

Do we need another food blogger?

The moment I found out that cooking is one tangible skill that differs us from all other animal species on the planet was when cooking, and consequently eating started to have a deeper, even spiritual meaning to me. 1,051 more words


Kita seringkali ingin mencari jurnal sebagai sumber kita untuk mengerjakan tugas, makalah ataupun penelitian, namun ada beberapa jurnal yang dapat di akses dengan free (gratis) ada juga jurnal yang harus membeli jurnal tersebut alias tidak gratis. 168 more words



Sometimes I want to ask you about those cuts on your wrists.

  • If I ask you about them, you’re reminded of why that scar is there.
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26 Years Young

I’m not one to profess that I’ve got this “blog” thing down. In fact, there are quite a few other things that I know I’m better at than blogging. 275 more words