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It’s been quiet in the shop today so i’ve been taking the time to work on my ever growing to do list. After sorting out some of the “absolutely must do’s” and managed to find the space and energy to devote to something that has been gently buzzing around my energy field since the week after opening… 156 more words

Spiritual Work

How God's economy works

“It’s the economy, stupid!”

Bill Clinton’s one-liner from his successful campaign against the first President Bush has echoed through every election since. There may be other issues on the table, but how the President will oversee and stimulate the nation’s economy is always issue number one.

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California governor to sign nation-leading renewable energy bill | Fusion

On Wednesday, California Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign into law the state’s bold new clean energy and pollution reduction law.

Source: California governor to sign nation-leading renewable energy bill | Fusion

Human Life

Tell Us What You Wish To See!

Be The Change Journals is all about uniting and coming together to share, grow and learn. Therefore it would be 
beneficial to us both if you gave us some feedback on the sorts of things you would like to see more of on the blog and on our… 52 more words


A Documentary: The True Cost

If we’ve met or if you’ve ever seen a list of links on this blog then you might realize that I like clothing and I really like shopping. 516 more words



There’s much to learn from nature’s rage

To teach a lesson sound and sage,

Environment came much before

A roof and windows, walls and floor. 52 more words


#LoveMe Day Ten: Share A Secret


This is definitely the hardest day yet. I don’t really have secrets! I’m a pretty open person, especially on this blog. My mental health used to be a secret, but not any more, I’m out an proud as far as that goes. 212 more words