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Hope or Expectation or Cry of Desperation

I was out early this morning to watch a grandson play hockey and made two stops on the way home. We don’t ‘shop’ on Saturday very often and completely forgot that this is the Dark Side Weekend (Black Friday to Cyber Monday). 184 more words

Sharing is Healing

“A broken heart is the source of all life miseries, Admit it and you will get healed.”

Siapa sih yang nggak pengen punya hidup yang bahagia? 199 more words

Hidup Bahagia

Emotional Ecdysiast

With his five o-‘clock shadow and
jiggling belly, with most of his sense of shame
left in the pocket of a terry cloth robe
hanging just off-stage, the poet once again… 133 more words


Mine for a while.

I wasn’t looking for it, not there anyway. Not at that time. I wasn’t ready for it at all. I didn’t even know what it was. 483 more words

Mom's Turkey

for my friends who are family,
for my family who are friends, 11 more words

If you know nothing, you better shut your mouth

So everyone has their own problems to carry, either they share it to others or just keep it to their-self. I used to be the one who keep it all by myself. 300 more words

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