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itu standarmu cuk!!

Eh cuk tau ga dia minum anggur merah satu botol doang mabuk. Cupu banget ga sih? Biasanya satu botol mah kalo aku ga akan mabuk, paling Cuma pusing dikit. 328 more words


Barren ... Or No?

Older now, childless, I ponder what my life means, what good has come of it. Has there been benefit to life? What have my contributions been to the health and wellbeing of a people? 243 more words


Are we different or similar?

Are we different or similar? These days, it feels like everyone wants to highlight our differences: you are not the same colour as me, you are not the same caste as me, you are not the same class as me. 442 more words

Human Behaviour

Unrealistic Expectations

I am sure we all do it, we brag about our past achievements or goals that we used to do. The words from someone that used to do gymnastics fifteen years ago, that they believe they can still do their flips and twists on a gym horse, but haven’t set foot in a gymnasium since that prime event. 813 more words

Patience isn’t easy

Patience is tears. Patience is cringing out of anxiety. Patience is wanting to smash your fists into sujud. Patience is crying for a response from God. 142 more words

On Thoughts


Written by: Ace Johnson

“One night after football practice it was late, dark, cold and my two buddies and I had no ride. It was 6 miles home, so we started walking. 152 more words

40th Birthday Blog Challenge 6-24-2018

Today is my 40th Birthday!!!!!!

I am inviting you and others to be a part of the Birthday Blog Challenge.

The challenge is to log on to my blog… 79 more words