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Tentative Thesis

Well… another process post. I’m still behind, but I like to think that I’m starting to catch up.

I’ve been trying to come up with a thesis for my paper/presentation. 108 more words

Social Sharks

I found this really interesting article by LiveScience about how it was discovered that wild sand tiger sharks actually have social lives with other sharks. 70 more words

The Brutal Business of Shark Finning

I was surfing the web for articles on sharks and I came across the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), an international nonprofit, marine wildlife conservation organization. 155 more words

Process contd.

Hey! I’m back with another process post! Just to recap, I am currently working on my Capstone project for school and I decided that my topic would be sharks. 190 more words

Shark Finning: An Animation

So I was scrolling through my Instagram feed yesterday, like I always do, when I came across this video. It’s a work in progress of a social awareness project about what shark finning really is. 37 more words

The Sharks | Vociferous

A poem for the sharks, who have been framed as the killers.


This beautiful and shocking poem is presented from the point of view of a shark whose fins were stolen from them for shark-fin soup. 21 more words


The Sharks | Vociferous

The Sharks

What have I done to deserve this torture?
Left to struggle, to sink, to sleep
For the sake of delicacy and
Cleave a man’s limbs for a dish… 147 more words