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Help Stop Shark Finning : Humane Society International

via Help Stop Shark Finning : Humane Society International

My family has recently paid a couple of visits to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto and to the Shark Reef in Las Vegas. 378 more words

Shark Finning

Close Loopholes that Allow Shark Fin Trade

The vile practice 0f shark finning only exists because of demand and loose regulation on non-existent laws. In the United States, loose regulation is the result of a loophole found in the Shark Finning Protection Act of 2010. 32 more words


Een zieke geest heb je dan

Toen ik rond mijn tiende achter het concept van ontvinnen kwam, snapte ik het niet echt. Ik vroeg aan mijn moeder waarom die gemene mensen dat deden, zo een haai z’n vinnen afsnijden en hem levend weer teruggooien in zee. 121 more words


Sharks vs Humans

There has been a long history of sharks and humans colliding. That’s no wonder really there are lots of major industries revolving around the sea. Unfortunately this has led to a bit of a grudge match between sharks and humans. 720 more words


Tradition vs Ecology: Shark finning

In Japan, shark fin soup, or fukahire, is regarded as a status symbol and delicacy. The shark finning industry in Japan feeds Chinese demand… 281 more words


The Shark Tank!

Hello and welcome to a very exciting week on ThatBiologist.

I have a solid week of blogs for you, yes one every single day! Even better we’re going to be diving into the wonderful world of sharks. 211 more words