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National action urgently needed to save sharks from shark finning (Canada)

March 15th, 2018 (Kristyn Wong-Tam). ‘Sharks are integral to the well-being of marine ecosystems. They are also, unfortunately, highly vulnerable to human exploitation. Scientific research has shown that shark populations are rapidly declining at a critical rate, threatening many shark species with extinction.’ 718 more words

Endangered Biodiversity

My Trip to Huatulco, Mexico

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This southern Pacific area, Huatulco, is a large tourist area, full of many hotels and resorts, they also sell condos here. 287 more words


Give us Back our Fins: How Shark Finning is Destroying Marine Ecosystems

Shark finning is the cruel act of removing a sharks fins (most often whilst the shark is still alive) for consumption in an Asian delicacy dish known as Yu Tu (which literally translates to fish wing) or as it’s better known, shark fin soup. 382 more words


The Monthly Species: November

If you weren’t aware although I am a botanist by trade I absolutely adore sharks! I ever dedicated a whole week to them last year which you can find… 325 more words


The Forgotten Species

An elephant being poached, having their ivory tusks hacked off and left for dead is a very provocative subject and conjures up horrific images of suffering and torture. 913 more words


The Shark Club

The Shark Club

by Ann Kidd Taylor

October 2017

I heard about The Shark Club somewhere. At this point, I literally can’t remember where I hear about books. 554 more words


Costa Rica; the clash of the morals

I have just read some great news; Costa Rica are apparently planning on becoming carbon neutral by banning single use plastic and ditching fossil fuels. 231 more words