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The Sharks | Vociferous

The Sharks

What have I done to deserve this torture?
Left to struggle, to sink, to sleep
For the sake of delicacy and
Cleave a man’s limbs for a dish… 147 more words


Shark Porn

A few weeks ago, I went with One Ocean Diving to swim with the sharks:

On our way out to the snorkel site, we were taught how to fend off a curious shark: 1,523 more words

Lucky We Live Hawaii

When the Top of the Food Chain is Turned into Our Food: Why Finning Isn't Winning

Imagine an animal you’ve established a relationship with suffering a long and slow death–all because someone decided that their commercial potential was more valuable than the animal’s right to life.  486 more words

A Steaming Hot Bowl of Brutality

Tonight I had the unfortunate real life encounter with something that I have only ever read about on the internet. Casually reading through a menu in hopes of finding vegetarian pho my eyes darted to the bolded words “ 435 more words

International Development

A brief account: elasmobranch research in Southern Mozambique

I’m currently partaking in an effort to obtain more data for artisanal elasmobranch (sharks, rays) fisheries in Southern Mozambique. Such research in the area has never been done before, hence the data, analysis and conclusions are invaluable to understanding local artisanal fisheries and the sustainability thereof. 588 more words

Mozambique: Beneath the Surface

The southern coast of Mozambique is recognized for its turquoise seas, warm currents, vibrant coral reefs and a diverse collection of marine fauna, yet there is hidden devastation within this paradise.  974 more words