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Mozambique: Beneath the Surface

The southern coast of Mozambique is recognized for its turquoise seas, warm currents, vibrant coral reefs and a diverse collection of marine fauna, yet there is hidden devastation within this paradise.  974 more words


Shark Fin Shock

Today I thought I would chat to everyone a little about shark finning and really make everyone aware of the barbaric practices that happen everyday and are destroying countless shark populations around the world. 656 more words

Endangered Species

That 15-foot-long tiger shark need wrestling? Leave it to the pros

For generations raised on Jaws and Sharknado, putting your hands within snapping distance of the ocean’s most awesome apex predator might seem like a very scary prospect — and does the boilerplate “we’re-more-dangerous-to-them-than-they-are-to-us” disclaimer really make anyone feel any better? 1,369 more words


This surfer is committed to saving sharks -- even though he lost his leg to one of them

On an early October morning in 1997, on the west side of the island of Kauai, 18-year-old Mike Coots got in the water with his bodyboard, as he had done hundreds of times before, and started to paddle out. 1,767 more words


'Bout: Boat People.

Another day another sad story about the plight of asylum seekers in Australia. Yesterday I have read about how there have been more deaths in the Manus island detention centre than there have been resettlements… 1,707 more words

Film Review of México Pelágico- A documentary that will inspire you to seek out and protect our ocean’s treasures!

This short film, México Pelágico directed by Jerónimo Prieto founder of Pelagic Life, will inspire you to seek out our ocean’s treasures and to protect and conserve its natural ecosystems. 253 more words

Shark Week: Feeding Fear

One of the summer’s most anticipated network events is starting July fifth. Back again for its twenty-eighth year, Discovery’s Shark Week is the longest running programming event on cable and now broadcasts to over seventy countries around the world. 794 more words

Sharks And The Media