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Shark Finning

One of the practices I hate the most is shark finning.

It is the cruel practice of removing the fins of a shark and then tossing it back into the ocean for it to slowly drown to its death, as it is unable to swim without its fins. 253 more words


Thanking Rob Stewart, Ocean Warrior.

I live in a country whose media is fuelled by shark hysteria. The fear of the Great White Monster of the deep, the lurking predator – a creature that can smell blood from kilometres away. 359 more words


Change Your Perspective: Freediver Madison Stewart Shows Sharks Love a Good Head Rub

Australian Shark conservationist Madison Stewart grew up in the sea.

Watch the so-called ‘maneaters’ enjoy a head rub.

Clearly we are not shark  food. Stop the cull!


Planet Ocean

I like to get WET.

I like to float in the sea. Smell the salt. Listen to the  whirr of the wind and the oceans chorus. 1,066 more words


Air China Bans Sharks Fins

A great step forward! Air China has announced they are now banning shark fins as cargo on flights. Great news, indeed.

To read more about this news, click here.


Shark Fin Hawaii - video

Eating is becoming more and more a political problem while the world seems to unravel politically. It is true that shark fin soup dates back to China’s Ming dynasty, however it was traditionally only consumed by a very exclusive and wealthy minority. 1,548 more words

Life Cycles

In Honor of Poseidon

During my 30 Days of Devotion series I briefly mentioned shark finning, or finning, as an issue that Poseidon feels strongly about. I wanted to make sure that I came back and did a full post to bring more awareness to the subject. 367 more words