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I Tried Three Popular Fitness Classes in NYC and Here's What Happened

When I was younger I was always picked last in gym class. No one wanted me on their team because I could never dunk the ball in a basket, kick if far enough or run faster than anyone on the opposing team. 2,355 more words


Chris Sacca Was The Best Guest Shark On 'Shark Tank'

At some point, I plan to write a blog post that ranks all of Shark Tank‘s guest sharks, because thinking about Shark Tank makes me happy. 807 more words

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#849 Nothing, and everything

Well, today it happened.

I was at a loss to creatively find something new to be grateful for.

Baby girl having a good day at kinder? 197 more words


Putting all your eggs in one basket.

Putting all your eggs in one basket.

We’ve all heard the proverb, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. These are cautionary words warning of the dangers in putting all your efforts into one source or idea.  779 more words

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Guess the Title

Can you Guess? How lucky are you? It’s also on audio, as of 6/4/18. Guess right, and win another audiobook or ebook. Okay, HERE.


'Shark Tank' Needs A Wiki So We Know What Happened To Everyone Who's Ever Been On The Show

In December 2016, Don Wildman and Jake Sullivan came on to Shark Tank pitching their product, Hand Out Gloves, that gives you full hand dexterity while you’re on the ski slopes. 885 more words

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Olivier Noel Of DNASimple Came To 'Shark Tank' As Part Of A Revolutionary Movement

Olivier Noel came on to Shark Tank touting the benefits to researchers of his company DNASimple: relevant biological tissues, available on-demand so studies could run more quickly. 577 more words

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