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Five Tips to Run a Successful Student Trade Show

Sales are the goal of every student business. Whether their goals are to fund their fast food obsession or to save money for their post-secondary studies, making that first dollar is a driving force to continue pursuing that business. 1,515 more words


'Shark Tank' Flashback: Why The Red Dress Boutique Made Such an Impact

Here’s how I know The Red Dress Boutique was one of the most successful pitches on Shark Tank. No, it wasn’t the sales figures that came in later updates. 597 more words

Shark Tank

I’m a mini shark

It’s a trend, since living in the US, Shark Tank has been on TV every day of the week. It made me curious and gave me the urge to discover local startups … 323 more words


How to Get an Investor to Notice Your Startup

As a startup company, you will often need that extra push that capital provides in order to get your business off the ground and making profits. 406 more words


Shark Tank & E-CRM

Hi my beautiful people,

This post will be discussing Shark Tank and E-CRM activities of the show. As I do not watch much Australian TV, I decided to choose Shark Tank (American version) as I used to binge watch this show. 649 more words

Digital Marketing

Nohbo Pods- for the Waste-Free Modern World

“When plastic comes of age it shall clog the arteries of those who invented it.”

As the human race continues to exist on this planet, we have to take into consideration our environment.

764 more words

Breakdown of Shark Tank

Have you ever watched Shark Tank?

Lately, I’ve put on Shark Tank before falling asleep, even though I’ve heard that electronics before bed isn’t the healthiest way to fall asleep! 648 more words

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