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BV10: Magic Moments at Powell Cay

It’s the little things.  That’s what makes this cruising life so magic.  Sure, we’ve sailed in big seas, when our boat is pitching and yawing but holding her own impressively, and that’s a heart-pounding, exciting moment.  697 more words


Let's Elect Vacuum Cleaners

A member of my extended family – really, my husband’s family – posted to Facebook yesterday asking for recommendations on vacuum cleaners. Her much-loved vacuum of nearly TEN YEARS had died, and she wondered what she should buy to replace it. 506 more words

RL Happenings

Real or Fake?

Many of us spend time scrolling through Facebook or Twitter on our phones, sometimes glancing through an article or looking at videos. We are constantly consuming new information, but how do we know if this information is real or fake? 394 more words


Deep sea shark spotted at the surface

An angular roughshark (Oxynotus centrina), a rare deep sea species, has been spotted off the coast of Cadiz, Spain.

The angular roughshark is a relatively small shark species with a mature size of approximately 50cm. 138 more words

Shark Attack Facts

Sharks bite. They attack. That’s what scares people. It scares people because it happens and when it does it tends to make the news for a while. 608 more words


Prehistoric Creature Washes Ashore in Georgia?

A prehistoric looking creature was discovered by a boater on a beach in Southeast  Georgia Friday. Resembling a long thought-to-be extinct Plesiosaur, Jeff Warren and his son stumbled upon the dead washed-ashore creature  while spending the afternoon with his son at Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge in Golden Isles, Georgia. 84 more words


INT: JAWS 3D (1983)

The Carolina Theatre is nice enough to let me interview people going to watch JAWS 3D where we find out what the people think the message this movie or the monster is trying to tell us.  65 more words