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There will be no Partition of Syria

East Aleppo is liberated, and regime-change has lost its luster. It’s no surprise Syria’s foes are ready to promote the next big goal: partition. Like most Syrian conflict predictions, of which few have materialized, the ‘partition’ of Syria is not going to happen. 1,863 more words


Radikalisme dan Terorisme Adalah Buah Haram Wahabisme

Radikalisme dan terorisme adalah buah haram Wahabisme menurut para peneliti sejarah bahwa aliran Wahabiyah telah membuktikan bahwa untuk memurnikan tauhid hanyalah sebuah slogan yang dibentuk atas perintah langsung kementerian Urusan Penjajahan Kerajaan Inggris. 786 more words

Canadian politicians controlled by the transnational oligarchy?

By Mark Taliano | American Herald Tribune | March 31 ,2016

Canada is being colonized by a Washington-led, transnational oligarchy. As with any colony, we are losing our political and economic self-determination and sovereignty.

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