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Hezbollah Is Not a Threat to America

‘Trumped’ up charges to get at Iran won’t work

By Sharmine Narwani

Global Research, November 03, 2017

The American Conservative

Featured image: Hezbollah’s supporters at Liberation Day, Bint Jbeil, Lebanon, 25 May 2014. 2,502 more words


Is the Expanding U.S. Military Presence in Syria Legal?

In July, the White House and Pentagon requested authority from Congress to build further “temporary intermediate staging facilities” inside Syria in order to combat ISIS more effectively. 1,704 more words


Turncoats on Syria: They are legions. With the recapture of Mosul, a drastic game change

Syria – The Alternet Grayzone Of Smug Turncoats – Blumenthal, Norton, Khalek

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U.S. Buildup All About Iran

Requiring an American wedge between Syria and Iraq.



DAMASCUS – As the drive to push ISIS out of its remaining territories in Syria and Iraq rapidly advances, the U.S. 1,916 more words


CrossTalk: Saudi Arabia vs Qatar

The regional and international standoff headed by Saudi Arabia against Qatar is not going to be resolved anytime soon. What does the simmering crisis mean? And why has Donald Trump taken the Saudi side?  10 more words


There will be no Partition of Syria

East Aleppo is liberated, and regime-change has lost its luster. It’s no surprise Syria’s foes are ready to promote the next big goal: partition. Like most Syrian conflict predictions, of which few have materialized, the ‘partition’ of Syria is not going to happen. 1,863 more words