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Mephisto (Infamous Iron Man #11)

So Mephisto doesn’t want Victor Von Doom to earn redemption because he wants him in hell. Sounds like the plot of the Constantine movie.

From – Infamous Iron Man Vol. 1 #11


Emily Vancamp On Whether Or Not Sharon Carter Appears In Avengers: Infinity War

From comicbook.com –  Avengers: Infinity War promises to bring many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s heroes together onscreen. But while much of the film’s core cast has essentially been confirmed, there are plenty of supporting characters from previous MCU films that could appear in the film.So where does that […]

Marvel Universe

How a War of Language Escalates to Full-On War in Captain America Steve Rogers 19

by Patrick Ehlers

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

There are few political and social movements in my lifetime that have caused my peer group to stand up and say “fuck that whole ideology.” The rise of Trump and white nationalists is one such movement. 572 more words

Patrick Ehlers

Being Fair to Bendis: A Queasy Look at Jessica Jones

So a couple of weeks ago, I really trashed Brian Michael Bendis’ new Defenders series, calling it the worst comic I had read in a while… 1,554 more words


First blog post: Compromise Where You Can

I’m a huge fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe. I mean, I fangirl every time I see a poster, shirt, or new trailer and constantly quote those movies. 522 more words

Why Ironheart Did Not Join S.H.I.E.L.D.

From my perspective, Riri Williams made the right choice. When was SHIELD ever helpful anyway in a fight? And half the time I read about them they’re either being hijacked or infiltrated by other villain groups. 14 more words


#1102: Agent 13 & Mercenary



One of the nice things about the Marvel movies is that their various tie-in products give us a much better coverage of some of the heroes’ supporting casts.  761 more words