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Bio Med Wash® Never Burns Or Blurs Says Kleyne

Sharon Kleyne Says Bio-Med Wash® Is Best Emergency Eye and Wound Wash. Bio-Med Wash® Is Unique Among Eye and Wound Wash Products.

Imagine accidentally splashing an acidic cleaning product in your eyes and the nearest standing eye wash is three floors away. 368 more words

Sharon Kleyne

Dry Eye Disease & LASIK Surgery

Water Researcher Sharon Kleyne Teaches Caution to LASIK Patients. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® Supplements LASIK Recovery.

LASIK surgery is a popular refractive procedure offering improved eyesight to millions of vision-challenged people. 496 more words

Sharon Kleyne

Dehydration Tips Shared By Sharon Kleyne

Kleyne Encourages More Education about Dehydration & Excess Evaporation. Sharon Kleyne Says Dehydration Contributes to Multiple Diseases.

In the 21st Century, we live in a world with rapidly expanding populations, near-disastrous erosion of soil, waste of groundwater, unforeseen epidemics, drought, and increasing pollution. 572 more words

Sharon Kleyne

Nation's Most Remote National Park Is Mostly Water

Superintendent of Isle Royal National Park Joins Sharon Kleyne on Air. Natural Science Thrives on Isle Royal National Park Says Kleyne.

Guest: Phyllis A. Green, Superintendent, Isle Royal National Park (Houghton, Michigan), … 603 more words

Sharon Kleyne

Eye Strain & Eye Fatigue Are Avoidable Says Sharon Kleyne

Water Activist Kleyne Explores Causes & symptoms of Eye Strain. Water Life Science® Creator Kleyne Discusses Dry Eye & Eye Fatigue.

Today’s environment, no matter where you live, is jam-packed with features that create eye strain. 581 more words

Sharon Kleyne

Marci Ballman & Sharon Kleyne Call For More Lung Education

Lungs Are Mostly Water Says Sharon Kleyne. Water Life Science® Creator Kleyne Talks Lung Health with Marci Ballman.

Marci Ballman, Ph.D. is a lung expert who works as the Montana Health Services Manager for the American Lung Association (www.lung.org) Recently, Ballman met with Sharon Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® to talk about challenges facing healthy lungs. 478 more words

Sharon Kleyne

Clean Water Act Revived America's Waterways Says Kleyne

Sharon Kleyne Notes Anniversary of 1972 Clean Water Legislation. Kleyne Encourages Ongoing Diligence in Keeping America’s Waters Fresh & Pure.

Isn’t it hard to believe that Americans once dumped their pollution and sewage directly into rivers, streams, lakes and ponds without a thought to consequences? 435 more words

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