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Hieeee... creative, colourful cosplay- Florida Thundercloud 500

The venue was freezing but I was shaking more in anticipation than cold. Ivy Winters and Peppermint entered the room, both looking stunning and absolutely beautiful, and walked past to start meeting the cheering crowds. 2,384 more words

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2018... We're coming for you!

Drag is becoming more popular and accessible for fans of all ages reaching them via through the shows, social media or TV. Fans have so much to look forward to in 2018 such as huge UK tours, All-Stars 3 and of course entering the tenth season of… 764 more words

Drag Shows

M&G Story: Christmas Queens – Troxy, London, 7.12.17

Before the start of the Christmas Queens concert on Thursday 7th December, with the VIP package, I was able to get in to the venue early to meet and greet with the lovely ladies of the night, and I will say this now: I was not disappointed by these queens. 1,171 more words


Concert Review: Christmas Queens - Troxy, London, 7.12.17

As you all know, I love drag. It is art, it is beautiful, it is humourous and carefree and fantastic. But did you know behind those painted lips and false lashes, there is musical talent also? 1,115 more words


Fan art honey...oh honeyyy: Jessica (tinkjobej)

Fan art Friday is celebrating another talented fan. This time from the incredibly talented Jessica. Her style of drawing has been a staple piece for… 523 more words

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Men (Straight) Who Think They Have the Monopoly on Loving Halloween Over Other Men (Drag Queens).

There are just scores of straight “men” who love to lay claim to a year-round relishment of Halloween, and declare that you, too, can enjoy it as much as they do any day of the year. 207 more words

The Fans Have Spoken: BattleAxe is a hit...

Yesterday saw the return of long waited new music from Sharon Needles, the third album ‘Battle Axe’ was released and saw nothing but positivity from fans. 436 more words

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