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Sharon Needles is Back With a Battle..Axe

Last time on this blog ….

After Adore left the stage, the M&G was announced to start in 30 minutes and that was the exact moment I realized I was going to actually meet the person who had helped me through one of the darkest periods of my life just by existing and doing what she does, so you will understand when I say that me getting nervous doesn’t even begin to describe it. 1,912 more words

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Dragged Up: Gaining a Drag Family

Drag has become more than just a TV show for many people. Myself became hooked on the show and none of my friends liked it/understood it. 613 more words

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You Should Be Listening To Drag Music.... Here's Who and Why

We’re used to seeing the contestants of RuPaul’s Drag race lip-syncing for their lives, but many have gone on to take the stage and perform live with successful music careers. 902 more words

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Dragworld: Meeting and Greeting... or M&G Amnesia?

With the previous article highlighting the pros and cons of Meet and greets they are mainly highs pros.

Most of the Meet and greets have come so fantastic stories! 506 more words

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It's time for the meet and greet

Being a drag fan I think the ideas of Meet and greets are brilliant. We get to meet our favorite queens who have helped us with something in our lives. 962 more words

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DragWorld Weekend is finally here

Drag world UK is shantaying its way to #London this summer. August 26-27th sees the UK hold its first drag convention with 10 RuPaul’s girl exclusives. 290 more words

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