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Memory's muscles

The body has a memory of old skills.

It must be 15 years or more since I did any calligraphy on a regular basis.

There’s a difference to how you hold your pen to write a letter in your normal handwriting, and how you hold a pen to form letters in calligraphy. 394 more words

Black should stay black; well mostly...

Probably the biggest bug bear with art journalling is black pens that won’t stay the colour they were meant to be when applied before the end. 287 more words

Art Supplies - What I LOVE!

Triangles on my Walls (Hallway Improvement Part 3)

Keeping with the theme lately, I have yet another hallway update for you all. I’m really excited about how this little space is coming together. 276 more words


Tuesday - November 25 The Oak

I was on an airplane this weekend and drawing is perfect entertainment. Here is one of my sketches and a modified version in Photoshop.

(click images to enlarge) 21 more words


Monday - November 24 Drawing Patterns

I’ve always loved the artwork of Gustav Klimt and how he in incorporated pattern in his paintings. http://www.klimtgallery.org/

Inspired by Klimt’s work, I was doodling some patterns and came up with this drawing idea. 42 more words


These are a few of my favorite things

Oprah has her favorite things, these are mine! The only difference is I can’t give them all away for free…sorry. 404 more words


Sketchbooking: Cuddly Toys

It is hard for an adult to dive back into childhood drawing, we tend to overthink. Nevertheless I gave the girls and myself the assignment to draw a cuddly toy. 110 more words