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My name is Khan and I am an introvert

Many of the people around us are introverts. Introversion is not a disease. It’s a type of personality. One need not be unhappy that he is an introvert.He should celebrate his introversion. 496 more words

Life Style

Sharukh Khan Wrote A Beautiful Poem On Women Empowerment

Shahrukh Khan read out an exceptional and captivating poem on women empowerment at the recent book launch event for author Gunjan Kain’s book ‘She walk, She leads’. 30 more words


I am good looking boy

Hello how are you I’m going on laugh just a voice nice

Salman Khan

Indian Movies

If you have read my article about belly dancing you know of my recent interest for Bollywood movies which regroup any films from the Hindi language film industry based in Mumbai. 843 more words


مودی کو حقومت میں دو سال پورے/سلمان خان ،شارخ خان ،اور عامر خان پارٹی ک لے اگٹھے ہو رہے ہیں

بھارت فلم انڈسٹری ک سب سے بڑے سوپر ستار سلمان خان ،شارخ خان اور عا مر خان پارٹی کرنگے

مودی کی حقومت کو ٢ سال پورے ہونے ک موکھا پر  پارٹی منائیجے گی

FAN: Review

The trailer gives it all away!

Except for the last fifteen minutes, everything that you see on screen is an extended version of the trailer. So much so, that the trailer becomes seemingly more intriguing than the entire movie combined. 211 more words