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Arguing for Tharoor, Arguing Tharoor

Born to an Indian father who values western culture and way of life more than anything, he was brought up as any kid in the elite class would have been expected to be. 1,707 more words

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Jan 25, 2016;

The Hindu, India’s national newspaper and a reputed fourth estate, organised its annual literary fest The Hindu Lit for Life 2016. As a part of this festival was its new addition, the Tweet-a-Story contest, that used Twitter as a platform for budding writers to contribute to a short story initiated with a line by the popular author, politician and former UN under-secretary Mr. 120 more words

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Let's Beware Of Making Modi The New Nehru

The recent state election results have brought Modi bhakti to new heights. There is certainly much to like in Narendra Modi—just as there was much to admire in Jawaharlal Nehru—but if we make another PM Nehru we are not serving our nation’s best interest. 1,029 more words

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An Era of Darkness: 'A Bashing Well Deserved & WELL Given'

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“It’s a bit rich to oppress, enslave, kill, torture, maim people for 200 years and then celebrate the fact that they are democratic at the end of it..” ~Shashi Tharoor…

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Tharoor Rubbishes Claim Parliamentary System a Useful British Gift to India

In his recent bestselling book An Era of Darkness, Shashi Tharoor shows how disastrous British rule was for India. Here is a section of the book that examines the claim that the parliamentary system was an important British contribution to India’s democracy… 1,271 more words

Indian System

'But what about the railways ...?' ​​The myth of Britain's gifts to India

Shashi Tharoor argues against supposed benefits of British colonialism in India.

The process of colonial rule in India meant economic exploitation and ruin to millions, the destruction of thriving industries, the systematic denial of opportunities to compete, the elimination of indigenous institutions of governance, the transformation of lifestyles and patterns of living that had flourished since time immemorial, and the obliteration of the most precious possessions of the colonised, their identities and their self-respect.

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“We need to make improving air quality a national priority; create state and national action plans for clean air; set tough new targets for thermal power plant emissions, factory chimneys and automobile exhausts; and establish a proper air pollution monitoring system.’Business as usual’ just won’t do.”

—Shashi Tharoor.

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