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book# 5 an era of darkness [shashi tharoor]

I liked the vocal/audio version of it more as it was compressed in ~ 10 minutes. But I prefer the text cause it shows the preparation of that 10 minute capsule. 194 more words


India's New Hindutva Constitution

A senior BJP leader and Union minister, Anantkumar Hegde recently remarked that “the BJP had come to power to change the Constitution.” Congress MP Shashi Tharoor immediately pounced on this statement as proof that the BJP wishes to change India into a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Nation). 1,214 more words

Indian System

The question Shashi Tharoor should really ask: “Why should the PM force a common woman in Tamil Nadu or Bengal to speak Hindi in India?”

Shashi Tharoor is like Kim Kardashian for a new breed of aspirational Indians trying to outgrow Chetan Bhagat. Whatever Tharoor says (or doesn’t) “breaks” whatever little echo chamber they inhabit on the internet. 281 more words


An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India By Shashi Tharoor

In my reading experience, present one is totally different and hard, though while reading an English author, I never ever opened a dictionary to understand the vocabulary but since I begin with An Era Of Darkness by Shashi Tharoor, damn, It’s provoked me to keep the dictionary open all the time till I finished the book and write my review. 1,763 more words



Book Name: An Era of Darkness: The British Empire

Author: Sashi Tharoor

Publisher: ALEPH

ISBN: 9789383064656

India is my country, and in that sense my outrage is personal.

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Book Review

Raphael Lemkin

For the past two years I have been reading quite a bit about genocide. While not necessarily reading about the holocaust, I was interested in genocides that were marginalized. 717 more words

Public Lecture Review: Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Looking Back at the British Raj in India’

Originally published 09.12.17 by Retrospect Journal at http://www.retrospectjournal.com

On Monday 2 October 2017, as part of the University of Edinburgh’s World India Day celebrations, acclaimed author, Member of the Indian Parliament and former UN Under-Secretary-General, Dr. 1,315 more words

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