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Yakub's hanging, a possible catalyst

Yakub Memon is dead and buried. But the entire fiasco surrounding his hanging raised a lot of questions and stirred up a lot of emotions. I won’t get into the merits of the case as i respect the Supreme Court’s decision. 525 more words


Why Tharoor and Bhushan are wrong about Memon's hanging

Shashi Tharoor says state-sponsored killing reduces us to murderers, hinting that the decisions of the president on mercy petitions are, in effect, taken with inputs from the government.

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A Couple of Couplets

I’ve been staring at a blank screen for hours,
At a loss of words and inspiration,
What must I write about now
After a long ramble on… 361 more words


This U.K. Lawmaker Wants a Huge Diamond in the Queen's Crown Returned to India

In the midst of a recently reignited conversation about Great Britain’s colonial debt, particularly to India, one member of the country’s parliament has proposed a preliminary step in repaying the South Asian nation — … 306 more words

Castelessness: The Pathology of Desi Twitter

by Sujay Sabnis Follow @luking_glass

Recently, desi (specifically Indian-origin) twitter was abuzz with all-round praise for Shashi Tharoor following his speech at Oxford, upbraiding UK for colonialism, and making a case for reparations to its former colonies. 1,303 more words


Reparations for the Jewel in the Crown

Shashi Tharoor makes the case for reparations for India from Britain, at an Oxford Union debate. He makes a lot of good points, about India’s contributions to Britain’s war efforts in both the World Wars, the economic depredations that were India’s lot, including the… 171 more words


Shashi Tharoor, Congress owes India reparations too!

Shashi Tharoor’s avowal of colonial quantifications at the Oxford debate was a revelation to many. But in the larger perspective, to a round-eyed audience, he presented only the facts he saw through one eye.

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