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Poetry: Shattered Inspiration

This is practically the state of my inspiration right now.

Shattered Inspiration
The Walls of my reality are shattering.
My ideas are all over the place. 74 more words

Bad day, Bad life.

Just a bad day.
Not a bad life.
Why do people expect so much.
Why is it that expectations come along with love and affection? 437 more words



Today I’d stop caring
Today I won’t give a fuck
Today I’d stop staring
Today I will be unstuck.

Today I won’t be shattered
Today I will be strong… 38 more words



To be read while listening to this.

So what if Trading Yesterday has a song named Shattered. This one suits much better.


That was what it was. 421 more words


3am Thoughts—

Remember when you broke my heart into pieces,
Scattered on the kitchen floor,
A dozen of shattered memories,
And a broken heart by the door.


The Thing That Struck Her Heart. 

It felt as if she was cast a spell on.

It felt weird and warm and comfy to her.

But then, an arrow struck and shattered a piece of her fragile heart. 131 more words