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Nobody said it was easy... Nobody ever said it would be this hard

Ok Bye”. The last words from her mouth echoed in the cosmos of his sleep. It’s one thing to pretend your thoughts aren’t bothering you, it’s another when they actually do. 912 more words

Sailor is always sailing in a wild ocean, but he anchores his heart to Lady whom he loved for 8 long years. Alex (Sailor – A Navy Merchant) gentle men with a patience in his talk and simplicity was his charm.  604 more words

The dry leaf.

He who was my ‘The Right One’
He who promised to stay by my side,
He who swore to take all my pains and sufferings away, 137 more words

Hollow places

Do you hear it?
The flutter resembling a beat?
The echo?
A barely there sound?
Hardly humming to the sound of life?
Do you see them? 79 more words


You fell out of love while I fell apart

“You don’t know distance until you’ve shared your bed with somebody who’s falling out of love with you.”

Beau Christopher Taplin

Daily Inkings


you never looked back.

not once.
that passing thanks
was all I got.

take it or leave it.

I’ll take it
of course I will… 52 more words


They say that the first person you run and tell news, good or bad, to is the most important person in your life. When something happens that gives you the need to share, you automatically go through your list of important people starting at the most, and progressively moving down in priority. 409 more words