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Behind the mirror

Ashcombe man thy vanity keep thee
Till Love shines Beauty and in purity
Till shattered heart within pierce free
And with single breath, mirror pass’ed be… 896 more words


im done


pulsated the windows;

an implosion

 of emotions shattered

 what little restraint

I had left.


My Writings


Alright, so you’re in the kitchen pouring yourself a glass of your favorite drink in your very favorite glass. But you’re a total klutz and you knock the glass right off the edge of the counter and it shatters into several pieces on the ground. 562 more words

Mental Health


I was in too deep
To come out unscathed
Your love blinded me
I fell
Into the endless chasm you built for me
As I Clawed my way out…

18 more words

Digital Art available on FineArtAmerica

Digital Art available on FineArtAmerica

I create digital art using a mathematical program called Apophysis 7x. It uses mathematical formulae and colours to create amazing images like the ones shown here. 61 more words

Apophysis 7x


I really took enjoyment in the way the shattered headlight on this car reflected light in different ways, almost like a kaleidoscope.


Shattered- Sketch

Warning: Explicit content. May be a trigger for some people. 

I love sketching. I normally don’t really focus on a meaning behind my art, I just draw whatever, but this one just kinda happened… In this piece, much like my previous piece, I tried to express two very different ideas and feelings. 387 more words