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A Lego Super Star Destroyer shattering at 1000fps is a thing of beauty

This is very┬ásimilar to the scene from Return of the Jedi. They should’ve done this with a green screen.


Let's play catchup.

*I may be talking past tense for a few blogs because I’ve started midway through the year but want to tell a few bits and bobs that have already happened. 619 more words

Shattered Glass

Shouting everywhere

Cussing here and there

Can’t this thing end here

Cause I can only go nowhere.

Pieces of me are on the floor

Daggers are in my core… 38 more words


In case you've forgotten

I’m a bruised piece of fruit, a bumper full of dents and scratches.
I’m a shattered bottle of tequila busted on your bathroom floor.
Nothing extraordinary, but I can capture your attention for a passing moment. 83 more words


Shattered Dreams

(dedicated to that moment we face in our lives, when we look back, and try to figure out- what we might have been if we hadn’t taken THAT decision we had taken THAT day at THAT time, and so and so forth) 388 more words


Shattered Equinox

I ignored what I felt because you made me believe the world I know, you knew too. I didn’t understand manipulation could take different forms but now I see it infected all inside of you. 317 more words

Giving up

Some days it feels like the best course of action is to hide away from the world as fed up trying and trying again but seems to fall in pieces at our feet, shortly follow by ourselves. 60 more words