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Empty Shelf

There was a glass

I placed it high

upon a shelf

I couldn’t reach

when the light

was just right

it shown with

fire alive and bright… 86 more words




into fine pieces

I fell, restless

the furies, their wickedness

made me immobile, useless


in unending sympathy

losing all my vitality… 45 more words


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As I sit here in the waning twilight in my favorite spot in the yard. I feel empty, void even. I have just come back from my 3rd Sunday night open mike poetry night and I feel nothing which is disconcerting because I usually feel a sense of peace and the words seem to flow like lava after leaving there but tonight, tonight I feel nothing. 801 more words

My Life

I woke up in my room. Except it’s not my room, it’s longer and has two exits rather than one, but I wouldnt notice this till later. 268 more words