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7 feel good rugby league stories from 2016

As you know, at Winners Aren’t Binners we’re all about promoting an ideal image for rugby league. We believe erasing violence from the game starts with creating a better culture for the game through its role models. 563 more words

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Why WAS Six Afraid of Seven, Anyway?: Shaun Johnson '13 has answer in new book

Shaun Johnson ’13, business technology administration, has written and illustrated his first children’s book, Why Was Six Afraid of Seven? The story is part anti-bullying parable and part reading-and-math primer, and involves the numbers Six, Seven, and Nine dealing with an interpersonal conflict and learning how to solve problems amongst themselves. 220 more words

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Outback Looking In

A quick look at the history books will tell you that the Warriors find themselves in a serious playoff drought. For five long years the men from Mt Smart have been wandering across the NRL landscape, waiting for it to rain, but every time it seems as though they’ve found a fertile spot where a title could grow, it turns out to be nothing more than a mirage. 756 more words


Clash of Clans

Sunday is War Day, a day when we attack, we defend, and every slice of territory is hard fought. It’s yet another crucial battle in the quest for playoff glory. 951 more words


Never in Doubt

The NRL season is a long and winding road. Sometimes that’s easy to forget.

Especially during those first few months, we tend to overreact, we’re quick to judge, quick to jump to conclusions. 1,360 more words


Ultimate Warrior

You’ve come here for a preview of Saturday’s game, and I won’t keep you long. Let me sum things up for you in two words: 575 more words


The start of the clearout? Konrad Hurrell release by Warriors

The Warriors have today confirmed out-of-favour centre Konrad Hurrell has been released from his contract.

Hurrell, who was contracted to the end of the 2018 season, leaves the club after making 71 NRL appearances since his debut in 2012. 481 more words