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Be transported to London, England ... in 2004 ... but in Toronto ... with Shaun Of The Dead

Remember that excellent classic Shaun Of The Dead? Had the ginge from the Star Trek reboot and Mission Impossible in it. Bloody good it was too! 138 more words

Movie Poster Showdown: Shaun of the Dead #Friday #Horror #Zombies #Chat #Movies

“You’ve Got Red on You”

Hey fellow movie fans and zombie enthusiasts! Since the countdown to Halloween has commenced, I thought I would feature some of my favourite horror flicks over the next few weeks. 480 more words

Inductive Archaeologists and Shaun of the Dead

Archaeology has to work with the stuff that gets found.  For instance, much of what we know about Roman Britain isn’t based on written records left lying around for 1600 years, it’s conjecture drawn from types of pottery and crockery exhumed from the earth.  576 more words

My Top 4 Non Scary Halloween Films

Okay so Halloween is just around the corner and I can not wait. I love Halloween, to be honest I love this time of the year, everything turning orange, wrapping up warm in the cold breeze and Halloween films. 495 more words

Film Review: Granny of the Dead

★☆☆☆☆ – Deeper problems of a lack of character development, some truly dire acting, and a haphazard approach to stylistic content override most of the good the film does. 459 more words


Little Evil is about an Hour and a Half Long

Every once in awhile I’ll be sitting at home watching a movie and think to myself: why was this made? And it’s not the incredulous/happily shocked “how was this made” you get when you’re watching a really truly terrible movie. 874 more words


My Favourite Zombies

I never used to be interested in zombies. When it came to Gothic horror, I’ve always been a werewolf girl first, with vampires coming a pale second. 706 more words