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Shaun of The Dead (2010)

(Obviously) I’ve seen this before but I wanted to watch it again. It’s clever because it knows that you know it’s going to be a zombie film and it teases you. 321 more words


Simon Pegg (Career Outlook)

Everyone’s favourite British actor Simon Pegg gets this week’s Career Outlook treatment. Lets dig in shall we? 1,059 more words


Review: The World's End

(The World’s End, 2013, directed by Edgar Wright, starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Martin Freeman; written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright–available on DVD) 404 more words

Sci-Fi Flicks

A Brief, But Closer, Look at Shaun of the Dead.

It kind of recently dawned upon me, that at the heart of all of the works of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, therein lies a straightforward yet touching story of character development amidst the zombies, gunfights and alien invasions. 699 more words

Is it Sean or Shaun? What's the difference? What you can tell from the spelling of the name?

Funky Father Mckenzie is often asked the big questions in life.

He often has time to ponder things as he darns his socks in the night when there’s nobody there. 368 more words

IY: Fantasy Creatures - Zombies; 'Remember Me?'

So . . . last week I promised you flash fiction.

. . . well you’re not getting any. :( Sorry.

Instead, you’re getting 1,313 words of my very first attempt at any sort of zombie fiction! 1,461 more words

Ileandra's Posts

Walking with the Dead, aka Walking Deceased

If you’re in the mood for some super silly zombieness, check out Walking with the Dead, aka Walking Deceased. It’s Warm Bodies, meets Zombieland, with a slight detour into Dawn of the Dead 2014, and Shaun of the Dead, and crosses paths with seasons one and two of The Walking Dead. 94 more words

The Walking Dead