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Grown Up Weekend

As luck would have it Shaun and I have our kids on the exact same custody schedule. For those who don’t know  S and K are mine, and Pe and Pa are his. 394 more words

Shaun in the City - Shaun's Trail

Once we completed Timmy’s Trail in Earlham Street at around 5:20pm, we were left with just one trail to complete, and then find the “Lost Sheep”. 494 more words


Every Sunday

Every spring Shaun gets together with his ragtag group of buddies to play rec softball. Their skills are…diverse. I’d say their strongest skill set as a group is their ability to continually get their asses kicked and still come back week after week. 179 more words


Used to be over weight
The momentum, you know, was exhausting

So try to be slow
Try to be simple
Try to be wasteless from all perspectives… 26 more words


Choices and intentions

You know so you do it
You don’t know so you don’t do it

What if…

You know but you not doing it?
You don’t know but you still try it?


Some logic don't work as expected

Sometimes, the more we know, the more we don’t know, because we think we know and didn’t know we actually don’t know. And the confidence that we think we know make us stop seeking to know. 7 more words


Rewatched movie dejavu

Your stopping it actually made it happens.
If you don’t take that role, someone else will.
It’s like railway, once off track, never be able to go back on. 36 more words