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Baby Driver

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A music-obsessed young getaway driver falls for a waitress in this frenetic and hugely entertaining action flick from ‘Shaun of the Dead’ director Edgar Wright… 242 more words


K-INDIE : The KOXX is Back!

July 19. I’ve waited for so long for this. The KOXX IS BACK!

In 2015, the band released their album “The New Normal” and received much attention and recognition from both music critics and fans. 141 more words


Nepali Calendar 2074 Shrawan

Shrawan, Shaune Shankranti 2074, Naag Panchami 2074, Janai Purnima 2074, Shree Krishna Janmasthami 2074, Gaijatra, Khir Khane Din, Shrawan 15, Nepali Calendar, Nepali Patro 2074 9 more words

Nepali Software


I’m a mess

a ball of yarn

a tattered rope

unchosen hope

I must confess

that while I stand

I may not be

completely free… 34 more words


Analysis of Alexandria Pt3 Uno,Dos,WTF troi, maybe?

If you read the previous two entries, on this series? You done know what is going down,so let’s jump right in and get to work. Hope you fed your “little grey cells” Poirot reference,yeah I’m a dork/ nerd. 1,465 more words

Myanmar, a hidden gem.

The moment we stepped into Myanmar we thought it was something special, something we didn’t expect. Despite arriving in the off-season, with the monsoon of humidity and rain, we found it to be pleasing with plenty of sunny days, jungles and pagodas. 645 more words


Eat as much and you want and never get fat, Myanmar!

Okay probably not, but sort of true. We have been eating like kings here in Myanmar and for good reasons. If you’re a fan of vegetables, rice, noodles, fish, pork, you’re going to have the time of your life. 386 more words