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Discoveries: 3-8

By the time Kai had driven them back to the headquarters, it was closer to one in the morning than it was to midnight. His black BMW quickly drove through, only halted by security checks and speed bumps along the way. 5,004 more words


26th of Jan, 2016 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun & Michelle

Shaun & Michelle discuss a great many things on TCTA: Kangaroo Care, Maternal & Paternal Instinct, Racist Babies, Breast Milk Vs Formula, Picking Up Women Alpha Style, and more. 18 more words

Free Speech

Discoveries: 3-7

“I’m still not sure why you need me around here.”

Shaun glanced up from his phone when he spoke, taking a short look through the windscreen before turning to Grandmaster in the driver’s seat. 4,977 more words


Happy Release Day! // Under the Dusty Moon ARC Review/Discussion

So I won an ARC of this book from the author during a twitter giveaway and I read like a fiend to finish it so I could get a review up on the day it came out. 749 more words


Looking for www.shaunhays.com ??


Pirates swiped me website! Ah, no matter me matees… we acquired so much treasure we don’t need the domain… :)

Now you can find Shaunhays right here on: 25 more words


Discoveries: 3-6

“Sure.” Shaun said. “Sounds great.”

Artifex nodded to himself. Visionary was smiling, as was Sage. Messenger hadn’t responded, but The Designer’s face lit up. She clapped her hands together, very rapidly without much force behind any of them. 5,562 more words


Discoveries: 3-5

“It’s time you should go to bed, Shaun.”

Shaun turned his head from the television, looking at his mum. Anne was standing in the doorway, still wearing the tabard she wore when she was looking after his grandmother. 4,820 more words