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Holiday Joy Enters the Hospital

The scene: Schneider Hospital in Petach Tikvah

Baldheaded children, solemn doctors, the smell of sadness and suffering suffusing every corner…

Everyone here is busy battling for life, sometimes against all odds. 302 more words

Charities In Israel

SERMON: Michael Cohen and Mt. Sinai, God and Gold

There are many Jews around the world who stayed up Saturday night symbolically awaiting the arrival of the giving of the Torah. But there are two Jews who I suspect had difficulty sleeping Saturday night, and not because of anything that has to do with Shavuot, but because they are, what we call in French, “oif gut gehoctah tsores.” They have a lot of things to worry about these days. 89 more words


Everyone Has a Story - Shavuot Day 2 / Yizkor, 5778

Shavuot is kind of a funny festival. It’s one of the least well-known, mostly because it usually falls after Hebrew schools have concluded for the year. 1,401 more words


tallitot and periods

E and I were walking home from all-night-learning on Sunday morning and I mentioned to her about how I’m still not sure if I like davening with a tallis, and she said, “Well, just don’t wear it.” “But I’m obligated,” I replied, “And I used to not like davening before I got used to it, so this might be the same thing.” 667 more words

The literal meaning of SHAVUOT

Most people refer to the word “SHAVUOT” as “WEEKS”. This is totally correct and in Hebrew we say SHAVUOT when we talk about WEEKS. One WEEK is SHAVUA and many WEEKS are SHAVUOT. 124 more words

"If I should say I have hope"

Most of the time I do not know the full meaning of what I and others do and say. These actions and words have many rungs; even at my strongest, I climb only a few. 1,449 more words

Why Jews Eat Dairy on Shavuot - Shavuot 2018

There’s an irony about שבועות that I’ve never heard anyone else point out. There is a stereotype that Jews are lactose-intolerant, meaning that they have difficulty digesting dairy products that contain the lactose sugar.  805 more words