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Aztec inspired wool jacket

I love it when people donate fabrics and notions and other sewy things to my shop. Sometimes people have ideas for things they would like to have me make and I never see them again or they inevitably change their mind. 142 more words

Shawl Collar M1938 mackinaw


This vintage coat was made in WWII for the US Army.  It is a variant on the m1938 jeep coat, with a khaki cotton shell and matching collar. 22 more words


Himel Bros. Chinook


This jacket was made by Himel Bros. Leather of Toronto, Canada.  It is their Chinook model, with a double breasted closure, shawl collar, handwarmer pockets and flapped cargo pockets. 53 more words


WWII shawl collar army mackinaw


This vintage mackinaw was made in the 1940s for a US army officer.  It has a shawl collar, is double breasted, and belted. This one has seen a lot of wear, though it’s hard to know whether it was during the war or post-war, as these were popular as surplus as workwear. 19 more words


Polo Ralph Lauren shawl collar hunting coat


This jacket was made for Ralph Lauren and was sold under the Polo label.  It is based on a 1920s-1930s hunting coat, with a shawl collar a seven pocket front and rear game pouch.   34 more words


Polo sheeplined coat


This coat was made in the USA for Ralph Lauren, and was sold under the Polo label.  It has a mouton shawl collar, a double breasted cut, handwarmer pockets with leather reinforcement, flapped cargo pockets, and a buffalo plaid lining. 24 more words


1940s Ballantyne shawl collar sweater


This vintage shawl collar sweater was made in the 1940s in Stratford on Avon, Ontario, Canda from Ballantyne pure wool.  The style is basically unchanged from the shawl collar cardigans popular in the US in the 1920s. 38 more words