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Got My Mojo Working...

I appear to be in the grip of a weaving mania at the moment! I have just finished my second piece of weaving this week….not sure why this is happening…..but I know that I like it. 248 more words


Connecting 1925 to 2015.

Some years ago I found two very old knitting books from 1925. It felt like buying a treasure, I was so happy with these books. For a few weeks they had their place on my desk but after a while I put them on the bookshelf between my other knittingbooks. 332 more words


I'd Rather Be Cruising!

Sometimes a pattern takes an unexpected turn on you. After ‘Sandy’, which was beautiful but complex, I really needed a turn-your-brain-off knit. I was also feeling super inspired by a skein of Cosmic Blue Label that Tanis had sent me for her colour shifting scarf. 294 more words


All At Sea Shawl II: blocked, lacy & ready to wear

For years I’ve read about people blocking their crochet and knitting. They rhapsodise about how lacy it becomes, because it really opens up the stitches. From the way people write you would think blocking almost transforms things into mystical items. 345 more words


FO: Hitchhike the Star V2

It’s done!

Actually, it’s been done for 3 days. I bound off Friday night at Project Night at my LYS.

The picture doesn’t do justic to how big it is. 88 more words


Flashback - Dutch Inspired Hot Pink Shawl

This post was originally published on my old blog, From Honolulu to Eternity on September 23, 2014:

This shawl has been a long time in the making. 280 more words


Shawl blocking

The edges of my daybreak are still a little curly and I didn’t have enough pins to give it a really smooth finish
Still love it though… 58 more words