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Spring in all of its Bipolar Glory

Seriously. It starts off rainy and wet and maybe a bit foggy, and morphs into a nice and sunny day by afternoon. OR it is a so so day, sunny for a bit in the afternoon, and then storms at night. 238 more words


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s a swatch!

As I sit here in my little cave, also known as my study, contemplating this piece of a potential pattern, I like to imagine sunlight streaming through the nonexistent windows to the limpid notes of Debussy. 35 more words


Featured Artist: Bernadette Ambergen

Bernaette Ambergen is a textile artist who designs and creates some absolutely beautiful wearable art. Find her as “Berniolie” on Facebook (profile pictured above) and… 402 more words


To the frog pond, part 2.

While I found myself in a frogging mood, I unraveled another thing that had been a WIP since at least November 2014.

It is a little hard to tell from the photo, but the edge of the shawl was w-a-y tight. 208 more words


Softly wrapped

I’ve spent a bit of time this year making up warm wraps and ponchos. I found a number of wonderful bulky yarns on sale on Black Friday – online,  I’m too much of a coward to brave the stores on that day – and then started to play with patterns. 171 more words


The question I had to ask

It does not feel like it’s been 9 years (am I counting right?) since I first started blogging here at Speckledblue. It honestly skipped my mind long enough for me not to have a post planned to talk about it. 335 more words


Seven Frankish Sisters...er, queens

Knitting: I’m trying to stashbust, I really really am, trust me on that one, dear reader, but sometimes my designs end up orthogonally positioned to the existing stash. 200 more words