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Knitting all the things

Ha, I finally finished that dumb ribbed beanie! I mean, the pattern was fine–I just messed up at first and then got tired of it. 800 more words

State of the stash

Whenever Odd-Even asks about the How and Why of stashing, I’m inclined, almost automatically, to cast it as a moral failure: I lack the willpower to keep myself from buying more. 190 more words


Hey, what happened to all of my knitting needles?

Having dyed the most scrumptious yarn ever, I began the hunt for the correct size needles to cast on and knit a cowl to dye for. 696 more words


Super early or super late!?

A Happy Weekend to you! I for one am very pleased it is Saturday!

As predicted, I managed to finish Braidsmaid this week. I may be lucky and get a couple of wears out of it before the weather warms up too much more. 526 more words


Faux Faroese: Gjogv

When I first started knitting lace, Faroese shawls were all the rage. I even found a copy of the legendary Føroysk Bindingarmynstur Bundnaturriklæðið at my local library (in retrospect, it was amazing that no one had stolen it yet). 317 more words


Winter is Coming: Knit Faster

As I was camping this weekend, I got my first hit of the impending fall.

It was a bit cold, it rained a fair bit on Saturday, and all I could think was, “some knits would have been nice,” followed by, “oh dear lord, all of my knit accessories are in a box somewhere.” 122 more words

Caretta Caretta and the shawl planning

A happy weekend to you!

This weekend hasn’t been the most wonderful. I am stressing about work and how much I still have to do, but sometimes we get so overwhelmed that the only thing to do is walk away and bury oneself in something else in order to reset the brain so it can function normally again. 499 more words