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The narrative of Inter-Faith; beyond the stereotype

A few years ago some airports in Nigeria were undergoing rehabilitation; this resulted in manual security check on the luggage of passengers. In one of my trips during the security check, a group of nuns were searched as well as their luggage; a young man said something really remarkable and I quote him “how can you search nuns like that, I would be scared to even touch them or their luggage”. 670 more words



   Among the attributes of the Sufis were their refrainment from all hypocrisy. In simple terms, their inner selves were in complete concordance with their outer self. 680 more words


Is ALLAH overal? -door Shaykh Asrar Rashid

Mooie uitleg over de uitleg volgens Ahlus Soennah Wal Jemmah.

Engels gesproken met Nederlandse ondertiteling.

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Antwoord op de aantijgingen van Shaykh Rachid Nafi' en Shaykh Fawaz Jneid door Shaykh Galal ‘Ali ‘Amer al-Jihani

Een tijd geleden besloten Shaykh Rachid Nafi’ van de Haagse As-Soennah moskee en Shaykh Fawaz Jneid (voormalige imam aan deze moskee) om te reageren op een uitspraak die… 109 more words


De viering van al-Mawlid (geboortedag vd Profeet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) - Shaykh dr. Said el Kamali

Nederlands ondertiteld

Kijk ook bij de pagina: De Profeet Mohammed (Vrede & Zegeningen zijn met hem) en dan > Mawlid


Follow me - ‘fa-ttabi’ūnī' - and Allah Almighty will love you.....

It is not only a claim, to say ‘I love Allah.’ It is not finished. You must also ask if Allah loves you or not, and what is the sign? 207 more words