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Fanning the Flames

Spontaneous Human Combustion has both confounded and delighted individuals for a very long time. The anomaly has been featured in skeptic magazines and invaded the internet, but how much of what we read about SHC can be believed and have we simply accepted this queer idea as fact just because reports of people going up in flames actually exist? 2,196 more words


Foster the People Is Back in Business

If you haven’t been following Foster the People, you’re probably not aware that they’ve announced their Summer tour together with three new songs. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the LA-based band, but I think this is exciting news. 56 more words


The links between Soil Fertility and Poverty alleviation

Soil Health Card will help rebuild the soil fertility

*Pandurang Hegde   

According to Central Soil Water Conservation Research and Training Institute, Dehradun, India is losing 5,334 million tonnes of soil every year due to soil erosion because of indiscreet and excess use of fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides over the years.  860 more words