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Thomas Dolby's No 1 Yeah! April 14th, 1984 Issue Of No 1 Magazine

And…to the tune of She Blinded Me With Science… “He Robbed Me Of My Royalties”! Lol

Simple Minds

When at first you don't succeed, try, try again...

So, my first marriage wasn’t what I would necessarily call an adventure, but more like a complete psychological meltdown. It started innocently enough, but ended roughly. 1,247 more words

First Date

Monday Earworm: Thomas Dolby (again)

The eclipse today was pretty great. And even though I followed all the right procedures and used fancy NASA-approved glasses, my eyeballs hurt.


Solve For X

The ever-popular blogger Ross Murray, author of Drinking Tips for Teens, recently posted a delightful essay on Canada’s summer of 2017.  Did I say “delightful?”  Change that to…a delightful spin on what is proving to be the personification of everything disastrous in my lifetime. 145 more words


Tightly-Wound Buns and Flying Crabs: Thomas Dolby – “She Blinded Me with Science”

We start out with Thomas tooling down some road, driving one of those old-school motorcycles with a sidecar thing. (I never understood those contraptions. If you need the extra seating, just get a car, right?) Anyway, Thomas and his odd trench-coat are driving up to a collection of buildings in the countryside, where we can see a man with a jetpack standing on the roof of one of the structures. 1,948 more words


And Failed Me In Geology

(Part 1 is right here of our 2 part time EXPLOSION!)

I don’t know if knew this but being sucked into a time-nado swirly thing kinda does a number on your stomach. 755 more words

Second Life