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A Jim Henson Show Explained How A Synthesizer Worked Back in 1989.

This is a retro delight. Thomas Dolby showed up on a vintage Muppet Creature Workshop by Henson & helped explain what samples, synthesizers and basic sampling technique is. 87 more words


聽歌學英文之【She Blinded Me with Science】

聰叔叔:  聰叔叔與炯叔叔温叔叔識於微時,一起吃喝玩樂多年。中學後分道揚鑣勇闖美國加拿大英國,廿年後再聚首一堂。喜歡懷舊,但也樂於接受新事物;喜歡80年代音樂,但也不抗拒新時代音樂,因為不想變成一件老餅。

”She Blinded Me with Science”是甚麼意思? 究竟如何可以被科學弄盲呢?

先看看“blind somebody with science”的意思:

”A colloquial British expression, meaning to deliberately confuse someone by using technical language or highly complex knowledge that he/she is not likely to understand.” 118 more words


Musician Thomas Dolby's transgender son gets married

TORONTO — The son of ‘80s pop singer Thomas Dolby married his longtime partner Wednesday in Suffolk, England.

Dolby, 56, tweeted a photo of the happy couple along with words of congratulations. 188 more words


Awesome song and video will blind you with science! Buy the song to support women in science!

Buy this great cover of ‘She blinded me with science‘ and support ScienceGrrl!! I love everything about this!! A terrific cover of a song we all love, a fun video featuring women scientists, support for women in science, mashup of pop-culture and science…. 118 more words


She Blinded Me With Science, #1081

I am a self admitted smart phone and iPad junkie.  Seriously, why hasn’t the world caught on yet and made Wifi readily available in every nook and cranny of the universe?   341 more words

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Radio XL, side A, track 9: "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby

Oh, Thomas Dolby, this song made me want to meet two people and neither of them were you.  Don’t get me wrong, Thomas Dolby, I’d already fallen in love with your music… 541 more words