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And today I’ll be presenting to you another cherished toy from the 1980s…

Storm, Catra’s horse.  Er, her pegasus?  I dunno if the wings are supposed to be part of the horse, or just part of the saddle.   446 more words


She-Ra – Our Lady of Transformative Power

You raise your sword and declare yourself
She-Ra, light swirls and you glow. Maybe
we all have a secret self, a hidden power,
not a power of sword and fist, but an inner… 61 more words

30 By 30 Challenge

[Pop Culture Shock] She-Ra Statue

From the cartoon She-Ra: Princess of Power and the Masters of the Universe franchise comes the She-Ra Statue by Pop Culture Shock. 145 more words

Statues & Figures

80's Cartoons: A Christian Perspective Camp

Here are the lesson plans for the camp I created for our camp week at home. You can use the drop down menu above or the links here. 48 more words

Home School

Camp Week

Originally, we had planned to attend a time machine camp at the Wilson Education Resource Center…unfortunately it was cancelled…so I came up with a camp at home on the fly even though I was sick. 256 more words

Home School

The index-cardification of education

This blog post (a kind of montage-pastiche of educational observations) was inspired by Jon Andrews’ wonderful post today, Trouble Brewing at Snake Mountain High, which used the characters of He-Man and Skeletor to make some very powerful comments about education. 939 more words