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This beginning,

Sure to be a most splendid

Unfolding of dark fantasy,

Shared ecstasy and shattered sighs

Of you & I.

~ She


Featuring Plant-Based Pixie

Welcome to the first upload to the new section on my blog, The Science of Healthy Eating or S.H.E, I’m so excited to finally launch this section as it’s something I have been aiming to do for a long time! 950 more words

One day she’ll just get it.

She will get up and grab it

as if it hadn’t always been hanging thousands of feet above her. 61 more words


Understanding a Woman

They say understanding a woman is the hardest thing, it is confusing, it can seem frustrating, it is challenging. We all want the woman of our dreams, but we refuse to go through the challenges that will make the love worthwhile. 404 more words


Learning to be me (Part 2)

Blogger Note:This year has taught me so much about who I surround myself with and what influence they have on me,it’s opened my eyes to the reality that not everyone wants to see you succeed. 248 more words

Deep In The Feels


She made pain look beautiful, she found peace among the chaos.

She wore a smile in situations where most would cry.

She held the weight of the world on her shoulders and never complained.

42 more words

All That She Needed

“The food’s too expensive”


Jack skimmed through the menu, his eyes widening by the second. “Yeah look at this. Twenty dollars for a sandwich!” Lucile stared at him. 579 more words