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Daily Prompt: Treasure

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That’s what she was for him

A treasure that he lost, after he finally discovered it

A treasure that he could reach but never keep with himself… 98 more words


Trust Nobody. 

She wanted to believe you.
So, desperately.
She wanted to believe the lie you fed her.
So, pathetically.
But she raised herself to trust nobody. … 11 more words


She : A mystery

She’s a mystery
unfathomable as Mona Lisa’s smile,

Yet so beautiful that I can’t stop thinking about her.
She is undoubtedly the most perfect person I know on this orb we call earth.

103 more words

Just Born

Being just born is the best relationship moment between the mother and child. This is life’s greatest gift because it doesn’t demand explanation of oneself. There is freedom, trust, nothing is held against, not provoked and instigated, past is forgotten and future is welcome, transparent, self-image isn’t hampered, be myself.

35 more words
Words Can Change World

He walks into the rain,

Foe some Downfalls,
Foe some Tears,

But rain was as beautiful as the last breathe,

When those failure stuck his smiles and turned them tears, 43 more words


Be Selfish

As every part of my soul oozed out of warm, thick blood, as my throat burnt with taste of rising bile, as every part of my room was reeking with the smell of fire you threw me in, as I cried because there was no one to put my drifted parts together, as I yearned for a hold, your mirthful face flashed in front of my eyes and a defeated smile carved itself on my face because it wasn’t you who clawed my soul. 131 more words