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​They said what all her tongue kept silent, they held untold stories of hers, the glitter, the shine in them was sometimes of the joys that filled her up and sometimes of the pain that hit her, they are the windows to her heart, to her soul but not everyone can see the same view, not everyone learns about all the facets of that view… some knew what they wanted to say without her uttering a word and some even looking at her could not visualise those tears rolling down from her eyes…wherein probably one gaze of them was enough for someone to read how much they hold back…


You aren’t just Beautiful , You are a Masterpiece

You don’t need anybody’s approval to be Yourself  

No matter who you are, where you are and what you do, there will always be someone who does not approve you.And that’s okay. 591 more words

Joys Of Life

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Don’t look at the cover, that’s just a facade…
Look inside the beauty of her heart!
She’s a mix of fear and underlying courage, 
Wrapped in a blanket of grace.  137 more words


Why is she so the same and yet so the incomparable?

I’m stalking her profile today,after years, and after a long time I’ve noticed her eyes again. She has beautiful eyes, and I’m sure every other girl has it. 217 more words

Break Up

Would you? 

If I showed you my tears

Would you collect it like rain

And put it in a jar

Labelled as pain

Would you follow their tracks… 113 more words