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troubled unconscious bonds
based off conscious agreements
deemed successful
by how long it lasts
but behind closed doors
only tolerating
so much

© she
June 3, 2016


*Loving me is a chore, isn't it?* poem

*Loving me is a chore isn’t it?*

Talking to me
takes effort for you
Respecting my boundaries
was asking for too much
But you were all for it… 172 more words


That curious she

That curious she, lithe and in peace.
Wielder of favor --
        her influence one with the power of fitful beauty.

She's afore me now.
And through her will bound in supposition,
enchanting on wings of fortnight fancy. 57 more words


Touching deeper than my skin,
Below calluses and thick,
Reaching for that one wicked mix of scorn and doubt,
To be crushed in her palms, 61 more words



He is at a lose-lose, and that’s a pretty common
and constant state for him. She has a win-whatever
and she knows it and is like, whatever, and he knows… 83 more words


She Moves

Everything got so crazy toward the end that she wasn’t even sure …well, she wasn’t really very sure of much at all.

She wasn’t sure what caused that first serious spark of nuclear ignition, she wasn’t sure if whatever it was could be blamed on politics or just humanity in general, and most importantly, to her at least, she wasn’t sure if there would be any long-term survivors after it was all said and done. 997 more words

I like my NAME,when you call me

I like my EYES,when I see you

I like my EARS,when I hear your voice

I like my NOSE,when I smell your fragrance…

17 more words