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Twisted Record 

She repeats herself. Almost like in a trance, almost as if she wants you to like her thoughts, her voice as much as she likes it herself. 95 more words

Style Staples #2: Black Laceup Ankle Boots

Hello my lovelies,

Today’s post is the second episode of my mini series “Style Staples”, and my Style Staple #2 is…

The Chunky Black Laceup Ankle Boot. 296 more words


Death of Malcolm

Shawn staggered to the bathroom and threw up before falling asleep on the floor. When he woke up the next morning he didnt know where he was, he quickly got up and immediately his head started to pound. 66 more words

Another milestone.

She lives in that moment and refuses to move,
Very firm, right there.
She breathes every moment, and lets it all settle on her,
Breathing in all of it, content that she does. 75 more words



She goads sunflowers
To extract a healing Ray of sunshine
And rubs it on that endless night
Swinging in her roots as a thorn sublime. 122 more words

Is it Worth It?

She holds herself on high ground

Tipping over

She asks ‘is it worth it’

It grabs her and clenches her breath

Pushes her back, makes her weak… 9 more words

The Fox's Word.

My Alice...

Just in case you didn’t know, this woman is my favorite artist of all time. That’s huge to say, especially for someone like myself…  but yes, I’m pretty sure she’s my favorite (or at the very least one of my top favorites lol). 486 more words

The Music Chronicles