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Thoughts in a Nutshell #67

Torn between city lights and starry nights, she decided to take her own adventure.


Who is 'She'?

The train shuffles along rapidly, with the dying sun creating beautiful tapestries while intermingling with the clouds. The strong hues of yellow and crimson are taking over the gradually vanishing remaining traces of blue. 804 more words


gift of love


341 more words


Marisa Papen Loves Nature and Being Naked

She says that she’s “free-spirited; wildhearted expressionist”; i.e. a pretentious quasi-celebrity. This shoot is still hot; with subtle symbolism like fetal positions and the like.

Non Classé

22 Awesome Things to do Before Hitting your Thirties like Dr. Jose Rizal

I was looking through my saved posts in Facebook and saw this post from Dakila. I was inspired to make my list of awesome things to do before hitting your 30s  444 more words



She says, that

It is easy to fall in love with her,

Once you seek her out

But so very difficult to stay in love with her, 689 more words

K-Pop song of the Week!

Hey guys! So today’s song is called she by a boy group called Vromance. They have some of the best vocals in K-Pop in my opinion. Enjoy!