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She’s been broken,
she’s been lied to,
now she’s hoping,
she’ll make it through.

She’s damaged,
she’s upset,
but she still manage
to smile, though it’s fake. 19 more words


and even though you may feel you are on the brink of tarnishing, you are still so beautiful. – a rose gold type of love


Safe with you
U protect me.

And not just in a physical sense

but u protect my heart.

Always willing to be on the front line, to never neglect this love we’ve built .

143 more words

You are, my love 

​I saw it

Saw it all tonight
Its glory

talking about love
The way she looked at him

The way he looked at her
It is a smile, 47 more words


In your shoes

After hours of studying at the bench just outside the toilet, the girl looked up. Her eyes wandered from the ceiling to the basketball court just beneath the level she was on. 260 more words


She is Kepo-ing with His Phone. LoL

“Kepo” is an Indonesian Slang which means “really curious”, and also can stands for “Knowing Every Particular Object” 6 more words


There is beauty in a woman 👰

There is beauty in a woman whose confidence comes from experiences; a woman who knows she can fall, pick herself up, and move on.

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