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It was the smell of love, yet there was no love to be found.

It was filling her lungs softly, travelling through her veins, killing her with its aroma. 572 more words

Short Stories

तेरे बिना!

एहसास हुआ कि अब खुद को ही,
मैं दे रहा हूँ सजा।


SHE ...~by Sarala Balachandran


She is simple
Yet desirable
She is lovable 
Yet not loved
She cooks
Yet not a cook
She is sweet
Like honey
Sometimes… 106 more words


Yip Yops - 'She' | Song of the Week

Sometimes bands hit the sweet spot with everything. Their band name, their image, their sound, everything can just be seen as being so well put together. 132 more words

New Single

Sweet poison

She’s poison
Sweet yet not satiating
Don’t you dare taste it, my dear
For it won’t kill you
But will burn you to the very core

Before it wanes



तेरे बिना चलना अब इन्हें मुनासिब नहीं!



Stop living with an Instagram mindset

Don’t get me wrong I’m on Instagram, and I can see benefits to it in our society today. However, when I sit back and get a bigger perspective on life, I’m not convinced that it’s not more often damaging than beneficial. 1,100 more words