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Now Numb

First, think –
Of what transpires with the severance-
Of the thin strings that hold together realism-
In your mind.

Secondly, imagine,
What chaos would slam heavy on your chest when you are forced to remove the comfort of rationalization, 150 more words


The magic you are.

Don’t know how you do what you do,

I try to retrace the curves of my smiles,bump into you,each time.

I ask where home is, 23 more words


She Wished, He Watched.

Her eyes were hungry,

Hungry for the beauty that was never seen, always cloaked,

Her mouth was longing,

Longing for the lingering taste of a thing that sweetness soaked, 63 more words

Jomblowati - She

Sooooo one of my recent activities is being a secretary and treasury for a music charity concert. P.s. it’s an orchestra!

They will play 90s Indonesian songs and this song will be one of them. 14 more words


Dreamer 💓

In the shades of the moonlight,

he lays amongst the sheets

thinking of future;

past aches yet the pain is no more;

future is still intriguing. 26 more words