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“How do I look?”, she tried to hide her bruised face.
“Perfect and mine“, he smiled.


Women like her were rare. She had a brokenness to her that birthed beauty and a chaos that sparked flames.

Anyone who saw her couldn’t quiet figure her out.

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That Milestone...

Few Lines JLT…. Dedicated to some1 “unknown” whom I “saw/noticed/read” while traveling in d Metro rail today,

Her story…

मेरा (She), उसपे (he) कोई हक नहीं, मेरा उससे कोई वास्ता  भी नहीं I… 34 more words

Simple & the Best

Simple & the Best : The story is beautifully narrated and holds the reader attention till the end. Watch for the climax, you will be happy reading it. 20 more words

Book Review

The Lack of Faith

Another demonstration of excellence,

This time…without my eyes I see,

Evidence of God in woman,

Her nobility shown on skin.

I am hung by my nerves as she stings the endings, 116 more words


The temple for which you should offer your prayers:

Love, you’ve been worrying again.
I see from the look in your eyes
you’re about to wage war on yourself again.

But why
do you have to be… 230 more words