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She's not perfect...

She’s not perfect… she has insecurities, she has flaws, she can be skinny or overweight but either way it’s not easy. She may have scars or stretch marks but those have a meaning. 185 more words



she’s got tainted blood streaming underneath stitched skin, while the wind evoke the rise of howling eyes.

do you still remember how the caresses of one could so easily break you apart? 102 more words


The classic: flowers and chocolates

If anything Chick Flicks has taught us is that flowers and chocolates are always welcomed. And they might not be wrong, either we actually do… 202 more words


She was raised like a princess, she was treated like a baby, she was really sensitive. She was not aware of the outer world, she was kept safe in her home. 169 more words

Painful Yet Blissful

'She' On Air

RJ Priyanka, a Transgender interviews the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re

Book was launched by Mr. Gopal Hosur, Rtd. IPS at Bengaluru ; Mr. Ramana, National Award Nominee and Scientist at Hyderabad ; Dr.

230 more words
Santosh Avvannavar


She is the master of hide-and-seek.

When the seeker counts backward from 60,

She manages to hide in the deepest of places.

Places no one would ever go to in order to find her- 125 more words