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Wednesday Word of the Week

sheepish : 1. abashed or embarrassed, esp through looking foolish or being in the wrong 2. resembling a sheep in timidity or lack of initiative… 49 more words

Happy Chinese New Year ♥ sheep ... ram ... goat ... ewe


Happy 2015 Chinese New Year of the sheep/ram/goat… 

May the year ahead be filled with thoughtful moments and acts of kindness.

♥  ♥  ♥ 108 more words

Knitting Fun

Let's smile today!

I never thought I’d have one. Now I have one. Do you have one?

Here’s my very first photo gallery!

Life is a wag. 54 more words

Social Media And Sharings

In Which I Help and Save the Day

A Year of Being Kind blog – Saturday, November 1, 2014

In Which I Help and Save the Day

Well, almost. I mean, not really… 421 more words

Wren, Creature and Sheepish

1. Sitting on the front porch this morning a raucous chatter disturbed my reading. It was a Carolina Wren who stayed around for ages.

2. On the wall of the porch was a delightful creature, maybe a cricket but it was very quiet, looking like a corn cob. 73 more words


that lives down the lane

Hey you, blue thing. 
I’m looking for a little boy. 
See, I have this bag of wool and I’m supposed to give it to some little boy. 8 more words


End of an era

Farewell to Flock! The long running Leeds music night that existed in various forms for what seems like the entirety of History. Various venues, nights and DJs, yet always Flock! 66 more words