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Thought Experiment #1: Green Lenses

Here’s a thought experiment for you.  It’s based off a twitter debate I’m having at the moment, but I liked the concept enough to go into it long form.   531 more words


Measure of Motive

Says the fly

I was born the way

I live to die

Swift —

The purposeful pursuit of sweet produce

Maneuvering amongst humans who have no calculable decline… 9 more words


Shepherds, Sheep dogs and the Wolves

I really wanted to say, “…and the Wolves of Isengard!”

(So I think this is a rant at the preppers out there… But mostly it was just something that has been on my mind of late. 555 more words


Bible debates......an error i see a lot

When you have a child in public school, they basically attend a petri dish each day.  When you have a parent (such as myself) that does all work from home and doesn’t get out much, you have a weaker immune system.   522 more words


Gemstone - The Photostat Dump [Pt. 1]

image: see Note below

What Is Gemstone?

Way back in the mid-seventies, a little cottage industry arose in certain parts, where schools and libraries and offices were having their drum duplicators and photostats and Xerox 2400’s used to reprint and distribute a condensed version of what was originally over 1,000 messily handwritten pages of notes and letters, known as… 2,166 more words


Told You So

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Truth will out.  It’s been doing it for æons.  The bastards know that, and fight it, and twist it, and try to make it die. 536 more words