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Manhattan Beach - Bet You Can't Guess Where It Is

I had heard many good things about this beach but somehow, in all the beaches in the New York and New Jersey area that I have been to, this one had eluded me, up till now.   496 more words


Stoping Dust Accumulatation in Your Air Vents

You feel that dust is everywhere around your house. No matter how hard and how frequently you clean it, it keeps building up on surfaces. The issue may be due to dust accumulation in the air vents. 50 more words

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Bacteria in Your Air Vent

It is possible to reduce the growth and spread of bacteria in the air vents through proper cleaning of the entire HVAC system. You have to take appropriate measures to eliminate moisture and to reduce the level of humidity in your house. 51 more words

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How To Prevent Accumulation of Creosote

Tens of thousands of house fires every year begin from the chimney. This happens because the creosote deposits inside the flue are highly inflammable. When they get in contact with the condensed hot air, combustion occurs. 30 more words

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Odor Buildup in Your Air Vents

Mold and mildew usually appear in the air vents of buildings in warm and humid climates. However, they can also grow due to structural issues. When there is no proper insulation, for instance, the colder air easily gets into contact with the warmer surface and condensation appears. 12 more words

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Accumulation of Pollen in Your Air Ducts Can Become a Health Hazard

You have certainly seen pollen inside tree blossoms and flower blooms. This fine powder plays a major role in the reproduction of plants, but it can pose great threat to humans. 56 more words

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Improving Air Quality in Your Home or Business

The regular cleaning of all surfaces in the house or office prevents pollutants from sticking to surfaces and getting constantly released into the air. Floors must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. 57 more words

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