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Sneak Peak at Spring

Today was a work day.  My cold is finally on its way out.  So I got geared up and went outside to clear a patch of wild blackberries that had taken over in between some of our terraced beds and a neighboring rhubarb and grape patch. 521 more words

Moving Mountains!!!

While riding home the other day I noticed something unusual off to the side of the road. It was a huge pile, no more like a mountain of leaves! 217 more words

Path To Permaculture

Becoming Pachamama; Mother Earth

Life’s Cyclic Dance

A river that rises and falls with the seasons

vibrant, patterned, unending.

Wings lift and release with each breath

as the butterfly becomes the breath of the tree… 1,048 more words

As Above, So Below... As Within, So Without…Healing Our Inner and Outer Landscapes

Everything in existence on the earth is an expression of the larger whole. All creatures on this planet are in a symbiotic relationship with one another. 1,304 more words

Articles For Awakening

Zen Center Retreat - Day 2, Meditation and Work

Day two of my retreat begins at 5:50 in the morning, which is one of those times I’ve only seen a few times in life. My advantage lies in the fact that 5:50am in California is actually 8:50am in Michigan, but the lack of sun makes it feel early. 1,351 more words


Sheet mulching: wildly stronger, feeds earthworms longer

Sheet mulching with cardboard is my favorite way to suppress weeds especially around fruit trees in my food forest.  Each year my fruit trees get their pine straw mulch pulled back for a fresh layer of cardboard to go down to prevent weeds from robbing nutrients from my apple and plum trees.  166 more words


Spreading the muck

After finding a blue egg shell on the patio yesterday morning, I was taken up with doing some research into birds eggs and then their behaviour in general. 258 more words