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in which i deal with a lot of crap

extending some of the garden beds this year by a technique called “lasagna” or “back to eden” or “sheet” mulching, which is really just “pile all of the scraps, yard waste and chicken sh*t into a pile and wait for it to decompose over a bed of cardboard” mulching. 10 more words

Garden Diary

in which i delight in the glamour of country living

ten bags of horse/goat/chicken/rabbit manure for my olfactory pleasure.

Crazy Projects

Mulch Madness!

I am not a basketball fan, but I am a huge – read HUGE!!! – mulch fan. And March for me, means mulch.  Now, when I say mulch, I specifically mean shredded hardwood.   575 more words

building garden beds from the soil up

Although the space we have fenced in was once the site of a very successful garden, it hasn’t been maintained in years.  Then as if to add insult to injury,  some thoughtful person seeded it heavily with Bermuda Grass.   484 more words


Sneak Peak at Spring

Today was a work day.  My cold is finally on its way out.  So I got geared up and went outside to clear a patch of wild blackberries that had taken over in between some of our terraced beds and a neighboring rhubarb and grape patch. 521 more words

Moving Mountains!!!

While riding home the other day I noticed something unusual off to the side of the road. It was a huge pile, no more like a mountain of leaves! 217 more words