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Create amazing soil: planning for spring, part 4

The most important part of growing abundance in your spaces is to create healthy soil that is full of life. In healthy soil there is an abundance of life in the form of insects, spiders, worms, other invertebrates; bacteria, fungi, and other microbiota; snakes and other reptiles; and, yes, even mammals such as shrews, mice, and moles. 598 more words

Permaculture Practices

How Sheet Mulching Works

The first task, as we start the Spring garden at the Bridge (in March! how lovely is that?!!), is to revitalize the soil which means giving the microbes-fungi, protozoa, nematodes, etc. 578 more words

Our Backyard Garden

Dirty Goodness

There is nothing that makes this girl happy like a load of dirt.  Well actually well-rotted manure would do it too!  To be honest, a house right now would put a smile on my face and I never say no to chocolate.  1,092 more words

Sarah The Gardener

Sheet Mulching: The Jump Start

Sheet Mulching: The Jump Start

“What do I do about soil?”  This is the question I receive from a lot of my anxious clients as the owner of… 590 more words


Transforming lawn into garden

I am back in Charleston, SC, where my partner and I moved earlier this summer. And what is my first project? Beautifying the yard my style, which means sheet mulching over much of the lawn and adding top soil and compost and straw to make garden beds. 765 more words

All Things Wild

School Gardens Update: Swallowed By Grass

“Forests decay, harvests perish, flowers vanish, but grass is immortal.” ~ John James Ingalls

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The Layers of Community

On Saturday, we hosted our Permablitz! (See “more before” photos here.)  Over 20 people came to our yard and worked together on projects such as installing rain barrels, building a composting system from pallets, building a fire circle, and creating five more  growing beds for future fruit trees, raspberry bushes, & hazelnut bushes, and one bed for flowers & herbs.   544 more words