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Recipe for a Sheet Mulch Garden!

We here with Yarducopia normally build 100 sf sheet mulch (or ‘Lasagna’) style gardens for our participants.  Sometimes we do other things, and sometimes our builds don’t exactly follow this recipe, but sheet mulching is one of the best ways to turn old lawn into a new, productive garden quickly.   580 more words

Cardboard at the Farm...Zero Waste Super Soil

People see me coming and going with lots and lots of cardboard.  I get more than a few questions as to why.  These videos should sort out my no-till methodology. 110 more words

Lasagna Gardening

Lasagna gardening (also called sheet mulching) is a method of making soil and compost by building up layers of organic materials. It is often used for turning a grassy or weedy area into a nutrient rich garden space. 897 more words

Organic Waste & Composting

Wanna Go To Bed With Me? Instant Permaculture Beds, Sheet Mulching And Lasagna Gardens

Geoff Lawton does sexy stuff with soil and his Instant permaculture raised bed might just be the fix I need for my raised bed that is being overrun with the less than glorious Morning Glory. 805 more words


High on Hugelkultur

Spring fever has hit us. It is unusually warm right now in southwestern Minnesota. Temperatures this week have risen to the 70s and with this gorgeous sunshine, it is easy to believe that we could be finished with winter–that Waziya has now left.   681 more words

Making a Food Forest - step 1 complete

Last November, we finally began construction of a deer-proof fortification so I could try planting a food forest. It’s only about a quarter of the front lawn, but the space feels huge (If this plan works, I’ll be doing the same thing to the rest of my front lawn in the next few years). 397 more words

Food Forest

What is a Hugelkultur?

While permaculture as a whole is based primarily on overarching principles, there are a few particular techniques that, while not exclusive to permaculture, are probably more common within those circles. 389 more words