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When you can't find one that fits, make your own

After checking out one logging sheet and book after the other, I finally came to the conclusion there is nothing out there suitable for what I want. 564 more words


Crash and burn

Came home, had a smoke and now I’m in bed. Houston we have a problem! Emma has crashed and she is now burned. OK maybe not funny but really, it feels like I have crashed into a wall and is ready to pass out.
#IwillBlogMoreLater XOXOXO

♡ Miss Santorini

Thrift Score!

With summer drawing to a close and back-to-teaching looming, I’ve been sewing and crafting double-time, while I still have time. Over the weekend, a friend and I decided to tackle making circle skirts and hit up a thrift store for fabric. 241 more words

How old is mystery ice from the base of Greenland’s ice sheet?

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Ice sheets are large and complex things. Figuring out how quickly—and where—they’ll melt as the world warms is a monumental task. We worry about some portions (like the vulnerable West Antarctic Ice Sheet) collapsing entirely, but we know some other parts will be disappearing in the foreseeable future. 723 more words


Poetry (Day 226): Shiver


Crisp cotton sheets
too cool against your skin.
Winter and spring vacillating.


Sheet Metal Tools

by U.S. Pacific Fleet

Sheet metal is nothing but a metal rotated into a sheet getting a thickness between the plate and the foil. It is one particular of the fundamental types utilized in metal working and it can be bent and cut into distinct shapes. 441 more words