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ভারত বাংলাদেশ সম্পর্ক শেখ হাসিনার চারটি চুনি মুক্তো

এক অসাধারণ কূটনৈতিক উদাহরণ – এক অসাধারণ ভবিষ্যৎ নির্মাণের দ্রষ্টা – আমি মনে করি শেখ হাসিনাকে উপমহাদেশ যুগ যুগ স্মরণ করবে, ভারত বাংলাদেশ সম্পর্ককে তিনি যেউচ্চতায় তুলে দিয়েছেন তা কূটনীতির এক অন্যধারার ‘প্রতিদান চাই না’ শিক্ষার সূত্রপাত করবে। …


Bangladesh Kills 86, Arrests 7,000 in Anti-Drugs Campaign

Bangladesh police have killed at least 86 people and arrested about 7,000 since launching a crackdown on drug trafficking this month, officials said on Monday, raising fears from rights activists of a Philippines-style war on drugs.

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Bangladesh anti-drug operation leads to dozens of deaths

More than 70 people have been killed by security forces in Bangladesh as part of a government anti-drug operation launched this month, officials say.

Authorities said that large-scale raids have taken place in the capital, Dhaka. 331 more words


Bangladesh Detains 100 Suspects in Anti-Drug Crackdown

Security officials in Bangladesh said they raided an area in the capital on Saturday and detained at least 100 suspects as part of a nationwide anti-drug crackdown, amid accusations that extrajudicial killings have taken place during the drive. 434 more words


When Bangladesh DEFEATED Indian BSF In Sylhet Border

Bangladesh and india has several disputes over the areas near border. Those unsolved border issues sometimes led the forces of two countries into clashes. Border Guard Bangladesh and border security force of india had engaged in various disputes over the issues in past. 93 more words

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Why Bangladesh-India Defense Agreement Secretly Done?

In May 11, Bangladesh and india signed an defense agreement. Under this agreement india will finance Bangladesh’s military purchases. Bilateral military training exchange is also a part of this deal. 163 more words

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Rohingya crisis: Bangla PM calls for China, Japan, Russia and India to take action

Dhaka: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday said she is expecting countries like India, China, Russia and Japan to play a major role in solving the Rohingya crisis. 366 more words