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It Ain't Over...Protection

The best thing is, is when people are trying to get a rise out of you, and you don’t bite.

They know you’re in pain and they think they know Pavlov, and sometimes they will get a reaction. 36 more words

It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

Ethena-War maiden

So this is my avatar from Skyrim

Who else plays Skyrim here!! hi five

Wednesday Writings: Psalm 33:20-22

You might say this one doesn’t need an explanation, but it really does. This prayer was written by someone struggling. It is easy to put our hope in God when life is easy, but when life gets hard with unknowns and the rough times it’s difficult. 54 more words

Daily Reading

"Red Belt Fungus" - Hermon, Ontario

Wow, I wonder who came up with this brilliant name?

I came across this rather bright fungus during a recent hunting trip. Well, it was more like walking through the woods with a gun, and a camera. 251 more words