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Harley Davidson Metal Sheild Sign

Harley Davidson Metal Sheild Sign
A "cut Out" Shield Design. With Risers On The Back To Give It A 3D Effect When Hung On The Wall. 24 more words



“You know, it’s times like these when I realize what a superhero I am.”


Today was the day to sketch one of my favourite character from the series of Avenger. 83 more words

Mad micky

Beware of they who claim a name

They do so as to make themselves complete

And to protect themselves from the harshness of the world… 34 more words


Year of Redefinition

I really thought this was gonna be my year. Mostly because last year was a whole big can of worms I accidentally opened. It destroyed.. everything. 247 more words

Heart of glass

She beheld a heart of glass,
Clear as day break,
And a pure love that fell fast
And loved deeply.
And while men would swoon… 234 more words

When a lovers' tiff becomes a battle to the death. 

Fighting for ones affection or defending a loved ones honour all sounds very noble and chivalrous. But in reality, the honeymoon  period withers into a distant memory, and every pair of boxers left on the floor and strand of hair in bathtub feels like a fingernail scraping the blackboard. 352 more words

The Armor of God

What do we need the armor of God for and what is it?

First and foremost the belt of truth. Most of the other pieces of armor will attach to the belt. 323 more words