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Module 1: The Giving Tree

Book Summary: 

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is about a boy and a tree (apparently a female tree) and they are good friends when the boy is a child. 369 more words

Lessons I've Forgotten (and You Probably Have Too)-Part 1

I read to my daughter every night. I’ve done this since she was a baby. It was really awkward at first and I would read as quietly as I could. 1,285 more words

Answer me

It’s not as prevalent as it used to be, but there’s a thing in pop culture called the answer song. An answer song, usually recorded by another artist, is a response to a previously recorded song. 143 more words

Lost & Found

If You Don't Read Shel Silverstein, Then Fuck You.

Here are 5 fantastic poems from Shel Silverstein. As I get older I am realizing that you can never outgrow the simple joy you get from reading these fun child-like poems. 257 more words


Book Review: Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Poems And Drawings Of Shel Silverstein By Shel Silverstein

I have long been a huge lover of all things poetry, and I have yet to read a book, or collection of poems that I did not enjoy wholeheartedly. 308 more words


16 Books That Will Turn That Frown Upside Down

Good days, bad days, ehhh days. They all come without warning. Fortunately though, we have these wonderful, humorous literary works to bring even the tiniest of smiles to our faces. 1,258 more words