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Shelby Foote: Why Some Who Opposed Slavery Fought for the South

“Foote gestured toward a framed certificate on the wall from the United Confederate Veterans. It was dated 1892 and honored his great-great-grandfather, Colonel Hezekiah William Foote. 395 more words


2015 Darrell Award for Best Other Media Won by Comic Book

The 2015 Darrell Award for Best Midsouth SF/F/H Other Media Work was won by Dream Thief # 4, a comic book by Jai Nitz… 577 more words


The Crossroads of Our Being

Something for the weekend.  The opening of the Civil War documentary, to the tune Ashokan Farewell, that premiered twenty-five years ago this September.  As the 150th anniversary of the Civil War draws to a close, what strikes me most is the immensity of the conflict and the immense changes it wrought in American life.  222 more words

What the Civil War Sounded Like

“They both had a particular way of yelling. The Northern troops made a sort of hurrah — it was called by one soldier ‘the deep, generous, manly shout of the Northern soldier.’ The Confederates of course had what was called the Rebel Yell. 143 more words


Words of Thanksgiving from Lincoln

On October 3, 1863, Abraham Lincoln invited his fellow citizens to celebrate “a day of Thanksgiving” the following month. Here are excerpts from his proclamation: 281 more words


Why Rush Limbaugh's Very Exceptional America is Very Bad History

Sigh. Rush Limbaugh. You’re familiar with him, right? He’s a formidable natural force that once spewed forth an estimated 1.5 million metric-tons of gas into the atmosphere. 1,628 more words