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Confetti in the Sunlight: General Albert Sidney Johnston's Final Charge

Witness here a piece of Foote’s fitting account of the end of General Albert Sidney Johnston, a fine general who was esteemed by his comrades.  At the outset of the war, before Lee emerged god-like to him, Jefferson Davis thought him to be the South’s finest General. 286 more words

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Foote Unloads on General Braxton Bragg

If you read Foote closely you can begin to tell which generals he is especially fond off, his disappointment and elation with their characters and performance both at particular instances as well as across time. 513 more words

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Meet General Philip H. Sheridan: "I intend to make the cavalry an arm of the services."

Philip H. Sheridan is one of my favorite Union generals during the war. Perhaps only Sherman was more colorful. Perhaps only Forrest was tougher.

What follows is from Volume 3 of Foote’s… 662 more words

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Lincoln Selects John Pope

From Foote’s, The Civil War (V1), a passage on the selection of General John Pope for command of the Army of the Potomac. It shows Lincoln’s slyness, his willingness to task war-fighting to a class of men that Churchill tagged as “stinkers and cheats,” because these were sometimes necessary to win wars (see below). 319 more words

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Lincoln Says Goodbye to Springfield

No one paints Lincoln better than Shelby Foote. Here is an excerpt from The Civil War: A Narrative, Volume I (p.35). Lincoln is leaving Springfield for the White House: 294 more words

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Writer Shelby Foote: Cornbread, Gumbo & the Civil War

Long before Shelby Foote became a television hit in Ken Burns’ Civil War PBS documentary, he was hard at work writing novels by hand with an ink pen. 648 more words

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"Rest and be thankful"*...

A new photography book, The Last Stop: Vanishing Rest Stops of the American Roadside ($45, powerHouse Books), captures the functionality and design of aging U.S. highway rest areas, with a heavy dose of nostalgia.

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