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Erasing the Confederacy?

For some reason that perplexes me, there seems to be a concerted attempt of late to eliminate all traces of the Confederacy: its memorials, its flags, and its heroes. 306 more words


Try Reading Something Good

So your coworker actually watches television, and you aren’t entirely sure if that’s just so he has something to talk about while waiting for the coffee to brew or if he genuinely enjoys the never-ending torrent of Netflix and HBO original series.  879 more words


Give Me A Minute - The Monuments

I live in the North. Illinois. None of my relatives fought in the Civil War, but it’s a period in history that’s interesting to me. I’ve read a lot of the classics and Shelby Foote, Bruce Catton, James McPherson and Jeff Shaara are authors whose writing I really enjoy. 404 more words

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A Conversation with Dave Roth (part two)

(part two in a five-part series)

I’m talking this week with Dave Roth, editor and publisher of Blue & Gray Magazine and recipient of this year’s Emerging Civil War Award for Service in Public History. 1,490 more words


"You Can't Change History"? Really? What About Airing It Out A Little Bit?

Hat tip to Charles P. Pierce for his comment the other day that while he doesn’t want to sanitize history, he would like to fumigate it.   1,094 more words

Foote on Lee

In an interview that appeared in the Summer 1999 issue of The Paris Review, Shelby Foote offered a few thoughts about the battle of Gettysburg, which he’d famously written about in “The Stars in Their Courses: The Gettysburg Campaign” (part of his mammoth three-volume Civil War narrative). 247 more words


A Quick Writing Lesson with Foote and Faulkner

One of the important lessons I tell my writing students is, “Punctuation serves as a guidepost to tell your readers how to read your writing.” 796 more words

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