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One Day in July with White Supremacist Jack Kelly

Seven score and ten years ago, almost the entire white South fought a war to save slavery. Only four slave states declined the crusade in the end, for the most part with significant internal divisions and a number of their white residents taking up the cause anyway. 3,141 more words


Watching Ken Burns Twenty-Five Years Later

It is a slow night at our household. We just got home from a volleyball match, and the other members of the family have disappeared into some corner of the house. 156 more words


"Live Forever"

“The weekends at Francis’s house were the happiest times. The trees turned early that fall but the days stayed warm well into October, and in the country we spent most of our time outside… 445 more words


The American Civil War 150th Anniversary: Shelby Foote

Finally, after doing the weekly timeline for almost the total length of the war, I am reading Shelby Foote’s The Civil War: A Narrative. … 1,173 more words

American History

Civil War Reading

The Civil War wasn’t very civil. There were more American casualties than all the rest of our wars combined. It was ugly and brutal and lasted far longer than any had anticipated. 615 more words


Last week I found myself in bed for two days resting a swollen ankle with nothing to do but read.

At first I hated it, but after a while it felt like freedom. 518 more words