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Shelby Steele: "Leftism really retards development"

“Liberalism is our biggest threat to our culture and our way of life” …

“I think the left causes people to sell themselves out to identity and all sorts of ideas and idealisms and so forth. 45 more words

Politics/Current Events

How Liberalism Divides America: A Review of Shelby Steele's Shame

Shelby Steele, Shame, How America’s Past Sins Have Polarized Our Country, Basic Books, 2015

Don’t be misled by this small book’s subtitle, or even the title for that matter. 1,242 more words

On Being Black and Middle Class by Shelby Steele

Logos: On page 698, Steele dedicates an entire paragraph to logos. He brings to the attention of the reader that “class and race are both similar in some ways and also naturally opposed.” Steele explains that it’s all in how class and race are defined. 952 more words

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On the Verge of Trump

With an unorthodox new president about to be sworn in later this week, it’s timely to summarize my thoughts on the man, the movement behind him, and opposition to him. 1,091 more words

Fighting Racism Starts in the Heart

My latest blog post for The Jewish Journal:

When we think of relations between Jews and African-Americans, we naturally think of our proudest moments. And we should. 760 more words