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I love shelducks, from their glossy green-black heads and bright red bills to their smart brown, black and white plumage. The ducklings look like little mint humbugs and are utterly adorable, even in the generally adorable world of ducklings. 19 more words


Camel Otter

A sparkling, still, clear morning lured me down to the River Camel for a predawn start. It had to be that early so I could get up to Wadebridge for the turn of the tide, and although my kayak was encrusted in frost I was hopeful, as usual, to have some special wildlife encounters as the sun peeped up. 604 more words


Two lakes in downtown.

One of the black necked swans.

A black swan working on a nest.

A young mute swan.

A young and an old wood stork.

One of the shelducks at Lake Mirror. 83 more words

Bird Photography

Winter Migrations

During this time of year, many birds have migrated for the winter. Some, like Partridges, don’t stray more than a kilometre from where they were born, but most birds – at least 4000 species – will migrate to seek new pastures that will see them through the colder months. 291 more words


Birding at Dawlish Warren

Last Sunday I joined ten hardy souls from the Glamorgan Bird Club (and two of their equally hardy children) to brave the strong polar winds and occasional stinging rain showers to check out the birding delights of south Devon. 253 more words


Birding at Goldcliff

I am SO pleased I bought binoculars. My second trip to Goldcliff lagoons and Newport Wetlands with my Glamorgan Bird Club buddies last weekend was just so much better for having them, as there was an incredible diversity of birds to be seen but most were distant views from hides or platforms. 237 more words


Shelduck 8

The eighth stage of this lengthy process. A light blue layer for the sky and some of the water. I’ve carved lines out of the background for reeds. 17 more words