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Australian Shelducks

Australian Shelducks, also known as the Chestnut Breasted Shelduck or Mountain duck. The male, as with almost all birds is the larger, while the female is the one with the white around the eye and the (lighter) beak. 29 more words


March 10, 2018 – Orinoco Goose (Neochen jubata)

These shelducks are found in parts of northern and central South America. They spend most of their time walking, rather than swimming or flying, usually in pairs or family groups. 40 more words


Birding in Barry

The south Wales town of Barry is not exactly what you’d call a prime birding destination but, due to its coastal location, it does turn up regular wader sightings and the occasional rarity. 256 more words


Spring imperative

Time and tide wait for no man, nor do the seasons. The oystercatchers “speed dating club” has been in action for weeks with noisy groups of birds gathering in the fields, voraciously probing for invertebrates and acting like hormone-fuelled teenagers. 441 more words


Naturelog: 24th February

Kieth and I spent the morning at Staines Reservoir looking for the American Horned Lark, which is still present. As on my previous visit, it did not take us long to find the obliging bird. 257 more words



I love shelducks, from their glossy green-black heads and bright red bills to their smart brown, black and white plumage. The ducklings look like little mint humbugs and are utterly adorable, even in the generally adorable world of ducklings. 19 more words


Camel Otter

A sparkling, still, clear morning lured me down to the River Camel for a predawn start. It had to be that early so I could get up to Wadebridge for the turn of the tide, and although my kayak was encrusted in frost I was hopeful, as usual, to have some special wildlife encounters as the sun peeped up. 604 more words