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Mounting File Shares Based on AD Group Membership using Enterprise Connect

In a previous post, I discussed using ldapsearch to look up user data from AD.  In this post we will use the user’s memberOf attribute to mount the appropriate file share. 734 more words

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Using ldapsearch to get AD data

It has been common for Macs to be bound to Active Directory for a variety of reasons.  Recently, the trend has been to move away from binding due to password/lock out issues, the rise of cloud based services, and SSO options that are more comprehensive of the services users need. 1,110 more words

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ftp mput without confirmation in shell script


I need to upload the output of my MapReduce to my web server using FTP. Here is how I uploaded all the files of output folder to ftp with a single script… 82 more words


Parsing CSV files using grep and sed

I recently had to automate the parsing of a csv file to help promote objects from one environment to another.

The script was originally written using while using the while read line loop, but we ran into  a couple of issues user submitted files. 341 more words


Delete all the bloated Gallery cache files in Sims 4 instantly

You know all those annoying little thumbnail images that clog up your caches folder and really don’t do very much? They’re automatically downloaded every time you browse the Gallery. 63 more words

The Sims 4 On A Mac

Debugging requests with cURL

For more than one time I had to debug HTTP request or response headers and other details. To do that, I use two techniques, both based on cURL library. 545 more words


How to Create a maven dependency via shell script ?

sudo vi dependencygen.sh

# Absolute path to this script, e.g. /home/user/bin/foo.sh

SCRIPT=$(readlink -f “$0”)
# Absolute path this script is in, thus /home/user/bin

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