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Shell script $day5

Shell script $day5:

Topics covered: typeset, set, debugging options,variable evaluation and variable substitution.

While developing the scripts we want to see how the script is executing. 916 more words

Shell Script

Shell script $day4


Topics covered : String manipulations.

String manipulation:

  • compressing string
  • string length
  • finding a substring in a string
  • extracting a substring
  • Striping strings
  1. compressing string:
  2. 428 more words
Shell Script

Shell script $day3


Topics covered: tty,shift, if..else..if, null,file operators,rm,rmdir,date.

You know terminal is also a file which is there in the /dev/tty directory. the file numbers are start from 0 to N… 850 more words

Shell Script

Bash to Applescript to Bash

So I recently had a need to wrap a script up with a nice GUI, however the script needed to execute a command with admin privs ie. 216 more words

Shell script $day2


Topics covered:

numeric validation,/dev/null file, logical operators,while loop, until loop,loop input piping, loop output redirection, cut command, touch command

  1. #!/bin/ksh
  2. #Name: ls.sh
  3. #Task: display user specified columns from ls -l output…
  4. 538 more words
Shell Script

An Interim Solution for Elastic Beanstalk Deployment Failures

I ran into a problem recently that stumped both myself and the AWS Support team – in face I still have two open support tickets that AWS is investigating internally. 1,087 more words


Ex1 Shell script

In this article, I mainly use “grep” command to finish the histogram tasks because “grep” is most common commands in Linux. For all the answers below, they are only combinations of magical compact tools in Linux. 158 more words