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How to Automate Saving the First Page of a Batch of PDFs as JPGs

Not specifically a FileMaker challenge today, this is an Apple Macintosh Automator/Shell Script routine. I recently had the requirement of generating a set of images for a large set of PDFs—I just needed the first page of a batch of PDFs converted into JPG files. 281 more words


ubuntu: screen recording as ".gif" using byzanz

On ubuntu machine, sometimes it is required to record set of commands/action in visual form to make the other person understand usage of a tool, or steps to perform in order to get something working or to simply show output of program. 325 more words

Shell Script

AIX - Verificar memória do servidor

Em busca na web, recentemente me deparei com o seguinte shell script.
O mesmo é muito útil para verificação da memória TOTAL, LIVRE e DISPONÍVEL em um ambiente AIX. 129 more words


Shell Scripting Tutorial - 2


I am Aaditya Purani, and today i will teach you Input variables using `Read` in Shell Scripting. I have also made a video as usual for you guys, which is at bottom of the article :) 145 more words


VI - autobackup file before edit it

 # VI - Resguardando arquivo anterior
 if [ "$#" -ne 1 ] # if quantity of parameters not is equal the 1
 then # then
 echo " Erro -> Uso: $0 " # print  # $0 – name of program
 exit 1
 if [ ! 66 more words
Shell Script

Creating an executable file in UNIX

1. Creating a shell script:

To create a shell script, you open a text file in a text editor such as vi editor

For example, let’s say that you decide to write a shell script for the Korn shell that automates the repetitive task of creating a file and folder structure for a new travel package. 1,167 more words

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Choosing a UNIX shell

Abstract: This article describes the distinguishing characteristics of each of the major UNIX shell environments, enabling you to choose which shell is most appropriate for a particular task. 961 more words
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