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Simple shell script to know your Linux systems Interface IP's

Below is the simple shell script  which tells simply scan all interface in Linux system and tells which interface  have what IP assigned.


ip r l |grep kernel|awk ‘{print $3}’|paste -sd” “|while read line… 51 more words


Unix shell script to find duplicate files in a directory including all subdirectories.


This is basic approach to find duplicate files in a directory including its sub-directories in linux system. You could obtain much efficient solution using inbuilt utilities like fslint , fdups & rdfind etc. 181 more words

Duplicate Files

Run Scala script in Production


$ vim /mnt1/analytics/arvind/deploy/scala-redis.sh
export HTTP_HOST=xx.y.zz.12
exec java -classpath "/mnt1/analytics/arvind/deploy/scala-redis.jar" "com.csscorp.restapi.RestServer" "$0" "$@"
$ chmod -R 777 scala-redis.sh
$ nohup sh scala-redis.sh > ./scalaredis.log 2>&1 &
$ jps
22938 RestServer
22961 Jps… 20 more words
Mayura International

Shell script to login and execute multiple commands in remote servers

Sample shell script to login and execute commands in remote servers

Sample 1


 for i in `cat servers.txt|awk {‘print $1’}`; do ssh $i “id;w”; done; 39 more words


A Shell Script for FTP

if [ “$#” -ne 5 ]

echo “Parameter strength is not supporting. “$@” is not matching for the required pattern: SOURCE_MACHINE SOURCE_PATH DESTINATION_MACHINE DESTINATION_PATH IS_FILE_TRANSFER_SRC_TO_DEST(0 – SOURCE to Destination, 1 – Destination to source, 2 – remote to remote)” 123 more words


hadouken - Simple inventory with python and sqlite3

This ansible role collects information about hardware and software from Linux servers, then inserts this information on a sqlite3 database.

The process happens in three phases. 557 more words


How to create timestamp in linux ? For creating backup folder ?

Use this :

date  +%d-%m-%Y-%H%M%S

Assign to a variable and use mkdir

BK_TIME=date +%d-%m-%Y-%H%M%S

mkdir BK_TIME