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Send SMS using Shell Script, checking Transaction Count of Table in Oracle

Being a DBA requires us many a times to step outside our role and solve a problem in a smart way. One of the issues we faced recently with one of our application, was the application server hanging and not being able to function properly. 629 more words


BSD Unix hack: adding conditional preprocessing capabilities to calendar

One of the most useful features of the GNU Compiler Collection is the -D option to cpp, which allows you to define macros at the command line. 944 more words


Bash-Scripting - Basit bir file-search-list döngüsü

/usr ve /usr/bin dizinleri içinde bulunan ve “calc” stringi ile sonlanan çalıştırılabilir dosyaları listeleyen bir betik.

for file in /{,usr/}bin/*calc
        if [ -x "$file" ]
          echo $file
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Linux | Send mail using internal mail command

Hi guys

We are on VEEM+VMWare infrastructure from a while, yet I am paranoid to maintain copies of the backups on different media once after going through couple of nightmares. 346 more words

Oracle Applications (R12.0.4)

Shell Script

Shell is a program that provides interface to the access the kernel i.e. user interface to run utilities or perform changes to existing running program. 451 more words


Signing Installer Packages with Automator

Apple packages (.pkgs) are opened by the GUI Installer.app or the command line installer command. If a package is unsigned and gets a quarantine flag (from being transferred over a network), the GUI Installer will refuse to run it.  935 more words

OS X General

Finger Command

Finger command displays information about users on a given host/system.


Displays all logged in users on a system.

$finger @ashishjsharda.com

Check all logged in users on remote machine.