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How to Create a maven dependency via shell script ?

sudo vi dependencygen.sh

# Absolute path to this script, e.g. /home/user/bin/foo.sh

SCRIPT=$(readlink -f “$0”)
# Absolute path this script is in, thus /home/user/bin

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Cross-Compile: Configure QtCreator for Intel Edison

A few months ago a new friend gave to me an Intel Edison board to play =)

When I got back home I mounted the board and start to configure. 841 more words


Linux Matrix Effects Shell Script

Sometimes to have a funky time on the BASH shell you can run the below shell script

virtcent=$((`tput lines`/2))
horcent=$((`tput cols`/2-10))
tput setf 6
tput cup $virtcent $horcent && echo "entering the matrix"
sleep 1
tput cup $virtcent $horcent && echo " "
sleep 1
tput cup $virtcent $horcent && echo "entering the matrix"
sleep 1
tput cup $virtcent $horcent && echo " "
sleep 1
tput cup $virtcent $horcent && echo "connecting. 252 more words

Getting result from database in shell script

In shell script, there is no standard way of connecting and retrieving result from database. But, for Oracle we can use SQLPlus to connect and run operations on database. 1,268 more words


Shell Script to Continuously Monitor CPU Usage and Memory Usage of a Process and write output to CSV file

Hi all, recently I had to do some performance tests at work at AdroitLogic and I wanted to monitor CPU usage and memory usage of a process continuously and get that output to a file so that I can use them to analyze more later with graphs and stuff. 354 more words


Hiring a Sr. QA Tester (Contract) in Toronto, ON!

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