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Start service on system startup using Upstart

I’m using Upstart Event System to start uTorrent server when system is up. The setup process is pretty simple and the most useful advantage is- if the job gets terminated then it would be restarted. 176 more words

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How to update a xml with shell script ?

Hey guys, do you remember the script to create xml with shell script ?

Today I will post an example of shell script to update tags in xml file. 308 more words

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Shell script to setup local dev environment

I’m working on this one project that is getting larger and larger, and with each new feature, I’m finding that there are lots of things I need to run locally for my local setup to work: Django, Celery, Solr, and a shell. 208 more words

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Building a Challenge-Response Authentication System with a Bourne Shell Script

What do you do when you’re a university student who’s just learnt about network sniffing and how anyone can capture your (unencrypted) UNIX account credentials from the network and log in as you? 3,702 more words

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All about Linux init script

What is an init script, what is the use of it, how to write an init script? Lets begin to know the answers.

Declaimer: Use it at your own risk!!!  1,313 more words

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Automated reminder service for backup

I’m very much used to with cron jobs which are used frequently to schedule tasks. Cron can run as often as every minute. But it assumes that the system is running continuously and if the system is not up at the time when a job is scheduled, that job is not executed. 235 more words

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Quick reference to linux shell script

shell: It is a program, A command line interpreter that sequentially executes commands, read from the standard input device (keyboard) or from a file.

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