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Installation of Oracle SQL Developer to Ubuntu

First of all, you need to install Java in your environment. I will continue with the latest OpenJDK version currently available. Easiest method to install jdk is to write following commands to the terminal: 731 more words


print utf-8 chars with echo linux

get hexadecimal of ã latin letter

echo -n ã | hexdump -e '/1 "%X "'; echo

print hexadecimal char with echo

echo -e '\xC3\xA3'

UNICODE TABLE REFERENCE: http://unicode-table.com

Shell Script

delete chars of input linux

Delete new line of input

grep root /etc/passwd | tr -d '\n'

Delete new line and o char of input

grep root /etc/passwd | tr -d '\n,o'
Shell Script

Creating Installer for Laravel Project

When you are working on a laravel project there is some basic setup that needs to be done for each install of the project.
Like… 1,083 more words


Data scientist Hillary Mason (previously) talks through her astoundingly useful collection of small shell scripts that automate all the choresome parts of her daily communications: processes that remind people when they owe her an email; that remind her when she accidentally drops her end of an exchange… 12 more words


How to 'find' with argument list too long

Hello dear readers,

Today I’m going to share a very short, but (I hope) useful piece of information for some Linux admins and DBAs as well. 206 more words


get all mac address from network

get all mac address and ip from network order by ip

nmap -sP; arp -a | sort -n -t . -k 4 | awk '{print "mac:", $4, "#"$2}'
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