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Finger Command

Finger command displays information about users on a given host/system.


Displays all logged in users on a system.

$finger @ashishjsharda.com

Check all logged in users on remote machine.

collect-exec.sh - My personal OS report

About one year I’ve developed a shell script to collect important information about operation system, software and hardware in TIM Telecom, there they have applications running on Alpha, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and obvious in the mighty Linux. 2,922 more words


Mounting File Shares Based on AD Group Membership using Enterprise Connect

In a previous post, I discussed using ldapsearch to look up user data from AD.  In this post we will use the user’s memberOf attribute to mount the appropriate file share. 734 more words

OS X General

Using ldapsearch to get AD data

It has been common for Macs to be bound to Active Directory for a variety of reasons.  Recently, the trend has been to move away from binding due to password/lock out issues, the rise of cloud based services, and SSO options that are more comprehensive of the services users need. 1,110 more words

OS X General

ftp mput without confirmation in shell script


I need to upload the output of my MapReduce to my web server using FTP. Here is how I uploaded all the files of output folder to ftp with a single script… 82 more words


Parsing CSV files using grep and sed

I recently had to automate the parsing of a csv file to help promote objects from one environment to another.

The script was originally written using while using the while read line loop, but we ran into  a couple of issues user submitted files. 341 more words