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A Shell Script to Monitor Network, Disk Usage, Uptime, Load Average and RAM Usage in Linux

This small shell script will help you to monitor your most of the Linux server information like Network, Users, Load, Ram, host, Internal IP, External IP,

System Administration

Being an Unix based Middleware Administrator, I have to support a heck of an applications in production. Whereas most of the Unix servers contain more than one applications in general. 404 more words

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Data Processing with Scripts on Linux - 2: Segregating large data files

Many times we need to segregate large data files into smaller samples to carry out the necessary Data Mining Training or development of Natural Language Processing Annotators. 134 more words

Information Technology

Data Processing with Scripts on Linux - 1: Counting Lines

This is a basic introduction into using a script to do processing of data before mining it for important information or doing annotations.

AWK is a very good choice to use for shell scripts that you need to create for processing data. 151 more words

Information Technology

A Simple Script for Generating Printed Sheets With Your OpenPGP Fingerprint

For some time, I have used printed sheets with my OpenPGP key and a short summary of the most important commands needed to fetch it from a key server, check its fingerprint and sign it. 361 more words


Automated SCP(Secure Copy) in Linux

The below code can be used in a shell script to automate the SCP from one server to another,

/usr/bin/expect <<EOD
# connect via scp… 35 more words

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