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umi ga suki (4:Sukabumi)

From welcoming 2015 until it ends. We visited Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi in December 2015. Family gathering, playing on the beach but no need to swim.. hha… 151 more words


"Tortoises don't climb."

In all my searching on tortoises (both generally and specifically the Hermann’s) I’ve seen many people say this. Well. I am here to prove them wrong. 554 more words


Build a dynamic web for raspberry pi

Recently, I have completed a web site which can automatically load a photo from raspberry pi server to my web site in every minute. Then I can monitor my house everywhere. 116 more words


The Most Adorably Boring Creatures

I’ve had two full days with my new little friends and I can honestly say they are boring. But really, really cute in their boringness. Just like a child all they do is eat, sleep, and explore a little, unlike a child they also bask, which is just as interesting as sleeping. 870 more words