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SLAE #4: Custom Encoder

The fourth SLAE assignment consists in writing a custom shellcode encoder.

Encoding the shellcode can serve for various purposes. It can be used to bypass certain filters, get rid of bad characters, transform the shellcode into pure alphanumeric, etc. 994 more words


Running Shellcode in your Raspberry Pi

I was interested in learning ARM assembly language for developing small applications for microcontrollers. I wrote this small piece of shellcode which will write “ google.lk” inside the /etc/hosts file in a Linux system. 1,268 more words

SLAE #3: Egg Hunter Shellcode

This is the third post in the SLAE series.

Assignment #3 consists in writing a working demo of an egg hunter shellcode. There’s a great paper by skape… 800 more words


SLAE #2: Reverse Shell

This is the second post in the SLAE series. You can check the previous assignment here.

Assignment #2 consists in writing a reverse shell. This time the shellcode will connect back to the attacker instead of waiting for inbound connections. 815 more words


SLAE #1: TCP Bind Shell

I started the SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert course last week. I don’t care much about certifications in general, but I love Vivek’s videos. The course materials are superb. 1,602 more words


x86 Linux Egg hunter

This is a small post regarding egg hunting on x86 Linux systems. I’d highly recommend you to read skape’s paper “Safely Searching Process Virtual Address Space… 494 more words


Assignment 7: Shellcode Crypter

Create a custom crypter. You may use any encryption schema, and the programming language of your choice.

For this assignment, we will create an AES shellcode crypter. 1,184 more words