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Assignment 4# Insertion Encoder

The fourth assignment is to
Create a custom encoding scheme like the “InsertionEncoder”
Poc with using execve-stack as the shellcode to encode with the schema and execute… 1,655 more words


Assignment 3# Egg_Hunter_Shellcode

The third assignment is to :

  • Study about the Egg hunter Shellcode
  • Create a working demo of the Egghunter
  • This demo must be easy configurable…
  • 2,116 more words

Assignment 2# Shell_reverse_TCP_shellcode

The second assignment is to create a Linux shellcode which:

  • Reverse connects to configured IP and Port
  • execs shell on successful connection
  • IP and Port should be easily configurable…
  • 2,681 more words

Assignment 1#Shell_bind_TCP_shellcode

The first assignment is to create a Linux shellcode which:

  • binds to a port via TCP
  • execs a shell on incoming connection
  • is easily configurable (in regards to the port)
  • 2,306 more words

SLAE #7: Custom Crypter

The final assignment of the SLAE consists in writing a shellcode crypter.

This is a step ahead of the simple encoding scheme we used in a… 1,378 more words


SLAE #6: Polymorphic Shellcode

Assignment 7 of the SLAE series consists in writing polymorphic versions of three shellcode samples from shell-storm.org. Before doing that, let’s take a look at what is polymorphism and why it matters. 1,898 more words