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Narnia1 Walkthrough

So this is my first walkthrough, it will describe the way i managed to get from narnia1 to narnia2 on www.overthewire.org.

So first of all we take a look at the source of the program. 354 more words


Time to Branch Out On Our Own.

We have hit an interesting point in HTAE.  We can continue on as we have been going through the book or we can do something a little different. 463 more words


What Did I Just Do? Breaking Down The Shellcode Example.

Last post we got some shellcode to execute in the notesearch program from HTAE.  I basically followed what Jon Erickson did with some minor modifications to make the exploit work on the Debian-32 machine that I’ve been using.  949 more words


The Road to Shellcode II.

In this post we are going to attempt to insert our helloworld1 instructions into the notesearch program we exploited before.  You may have noticed I said attempt, because if you are following along in HTAE you already know the attempt fails.  1,181 more words


Follow the Assembly to Shellcode

Last time in our OS portion of the blog we discussed writing the Helloworld program in assembly using system calls.  Lets keep following the path from assembly to shellcode. 957 more words


We Need to Talk About Computers...

Its been a little while since I’ve posted but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on the 100 days of hacking.  I have been hitting books and gaining background knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of computers.  949 more words