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Pornhub says hacker's claim of taking control of web server is a hoax

Less than a week after announcing a new bug bounty program, the adult website Pornhub is refuting claims that its web server was compromised by a hacker. 578 more words


My Cracking the Perimeter (CTP) Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE) Experience

I can finally confirm that after my ***redacted*** attempt I have passed the OSCE exam from Offensive Security.

This entry will cover some of my experience and review of the… 2,116 more words

Cracking The Perimeter

Writing portable shellcode


As previously mentioned shellcodes are really useful in many applications, but we need to learn how to write a successful shellcode. First set is relative addressing. 387 more words


Shell Code Prologue


A machine executable piece of code, which is not in operating system‘s executable format.

To add more, it requires knowledge of assembly language. 265 more words


Shellcode Extractor

This tool will extract the opcodes from the .text section and display in different hex formats for different syntaxes. Works only with valid PE files. Coded in C++Builder XE5. 7 more words

Smashing the ARM Stack: ARM Exploitation Part 1

In this post, we are going to begin exploring the fundamentals of ARM exploitation. First, we will begin by addressing stack smashing on the ARM architecture.  3,841 more words

Binary Exploit

How to write a (Linux x86) custom encoded shellcode


Very often the shellcode authors will try to obfuscate the shellcode in order to bypass the ids/ips or the anti-viruses. This kind of shellcode is often call an “encoded shellcode”.   909 more words

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