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Flare-On - Challenge 4


Hello all, and welcome to challenge number four of seven. We’re halfway through this and so far it has been alright, there was nothing out of the ordinary. 3,739 more words


Assignment 6#Polymorphic

The 6th assignment is to take up 3 shellcodes from Shell-­Storm and create polymorphic versions of them to beat pattern matching. The polymorphic versions cannot be larger 150%  of the existing shellcode… 3,490 more words


Assignment 5.3#msfpayload -p linux/x86/shell/reverse_tcp

Before moving on to the actual analysis of the staged linux/x86/shell/reverse_tcp shellcode i would like to mention that i first tried to analyze a meterpreter shellcode but i found that is almost impossible to comment and explain 1228800 bytes of shellcode that is produced by metasploit for the meterpreter stage 2 shellcode (as we can see on the following picture)and secondly and it would be silly to do so cause the code is open… 2,566 more words


Assignment 5.2# msfpayload -p linux/x86/shell_bind_tcp

In this assignment i will examine the inline payload linux/x86/shell_bind_tcp.
This inline payload contains all the code necessary to create a bind tcp shell.
Generally inline payloads take up more space than staged payloads, they are more stable and consistent because all the instructions are included in the original exploit string. 7,475 more words


Assignment 5.1# msfpayload -p linux/x86/adduser

This assignment is to dissect the functionality of the metasploit shellcode linux/x86/adduser that was produced using the msfpayload tool.

Lets see what shellcodes can metasploit can produce concerning linux/x86… 1,485 more words


Assignment 4# Insertion Encoder

The fourth assignment is to
Create a custom encoding scheme like the “InsertionEncoder”
Poc with using execve-stack as the shellcode to encode with the schema and execute… 2,268 more words


Assignment 3# Egg_Hunter_Shellcode

The third assignment is to :

  • Study about the Egg hunter Shellcode
  • Create a working demo of the Egghunter
  • This demo must be easy configurable…
  • 2,147 more words