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Saumil Shah: ARM Shellcode Basics

Over the next few weeks we’re going to announce the 44CON talks and workshops. Don’t forget to get your tickets!

Our third announcement is Saumil Shah’s workshop: ARM Shellcode Basics… 201 more words

44CON 2016

Format Strings III Writing to Memory.

Last time we saw that we can use format strings to read a memory address if we input the right command line argument.  This time we are going to learn about how to write data to memory using the %n parameter. 2,362 more words

Hacking The Art Of Exploitation

Making your Shellcode Undetectable using .NET

In the world of Windows you can execute shellcode using the VirtualAlloc and VirtualProtect Windows APIs. There are also few more APIs we can use to do the same task but different techniques involved. 1,685 more words


Getting Into the Environment and Moving On.

Environment Variables

Linux has what are known as environment variables.  You can see all of the environment variables on your machine by using the env command.  880 more words

Buffer Overflow

Not So Fast Shellcode Exploit.

Finally Here.

We are finally to the point where we can exploit the notesearch.c program we have been talking about.  But we still have some work to do before we can actually get our exploit to work.  1,967 more words

Buffer Overflow

Of Shellcode and Delivery.


Shellcode is defined as a small piece of code used as the payload in the exploitation of a software vulnerability.  You can read a much more detailed analysis on Wikipedia… 1,360 more words

Buffer Overflow

Analyzing a weird .JSE file

Today I will analyze a malicious file that was found on Facebook.

A friend of mine received a normal notification on Facebook, as soon as he clicked on he was redirected to a blank webpage and a… 827 more words