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'What's Love got to do with it? Radio

Radio Programme – 1 hour.

First broadcast online on Wild Atlantic Waves Radio  12 February 2015.

An hour dedicated to all aspects of love: with music; poetry; requests, and food for Valentine’s Day dinners in! 20 more words


Finding Comfort in Nature

In the first chapter of Volume III, Frankenstein, trying to recompose himself and his life after all of the extreme and terrible events that have taken place, decides to go to the city of Strasburgh with the friend, Henry Clerval. 215 more words


The Theme of the Sublime in Nature in Frankenstein

In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the theme of the sublime in nature is evident throughout the entirety of the novel. More specifically, it is prevalent in the first few chapters of Volume III in the book. 149 more words


Revenge Seen in Volume III of Frankenstein

In Volume III of Frankenstein, the theme of revenge is prominently seen. Victor’s monster gets turned away by every person he comes in contact with (because of his frightening appearance) and anger as well as revenge for the human race starts to build up inside of him. 252 more words


27 February, 2015 14:47

In Shelley’s Frankenstein there is a theme of revenge. Victor tells the monster that he will create a female companion for him. The monster threatens Victor and says that if he does not make the female monster he will kill more family members and seek revenge on the people that Victor loves. 253 more words


poems by Shelley, Keats, and Wordsworth

The three poems we’re reading for today are by a few of the poets commonly referred to as the English Romantics.  Romanticism was a philosophical and artistic movement of the early 19th century (1800s), and it had very little to do with what we normally think of when we hear the word “Romantic.”  Based on your reading of these poems, what do you think are some of the main themes of Romanticism?   278 more words