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New Publication: 'William Godwin's Visit to Ireland, 1800'

Pamela Clemit and Jenny McAuley have published a co-authored essay, ‘ “A nation in its last moments”: William Godwin’s Visit to Ireland, 1800,’┬áin History Ireland… 111 more words

Blast from the Past: Irish Dancing in a Pub

Just found this video of me performing with my old dance company back in 2011. Really good memories and so much fun!

Post by Shelly Allen

Irish Dance

Two steps forward one step back (or vice versa)

Last week I was deep in Telltale Press business which is probably why I didn’t post an update here. I’ve also been distracted by the process of ‘moving house’ which I put in inverted commas because I’m not entirely sure whether it’s actually happening, or just something I imagine is happening. 464 more words

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Hymn of Pan

In the Glade, Fred Holland Day, 1905

The nude model is shown with a statue of Pan, a symbol of Nature. Day placed a statue of Pan in a glade at his property in Maine. 357 more words


Romantic Age

Lezione introduttiva sul periodo romantico della letteratura inglese con riferimenti a Shelley e a Keats.

Lezione di: Ausilia Pozzi


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8jksx2m7semwc1/RomanticAge.mp3


Friends Beyond the Grave

I visited Keats’ and Shelley’s graves today in Rome’s Protestant Cemetery. It’s a beautiful site, plush with flowers, trees and amazing gravestones inscribed with heart wrenching final sentiments from those left behind. 60 more words

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