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I have always been attracted to antiques, especially when it comes to books. The idea of owning objects a lot older than myself has always been appealing – maybe because they have a story of their own. 548 more words


Acacia blossoms - Shelley Art Deco

This set of six demitasse cups is a feast of warmly coloured Acacia blossoms. It was made between 1925 and 1940 and it inspires the southern sun – much needed in cold Britain! 58 more words


Making a cameo - Wileman 1896

This cup is making a cameo. It was made by Charles Wileman in 1896 and it is a sweet little thing. It comes “as found” – it has a crack in the side, but this means you can get a true Wileman cup for only half the normal price :-) With some care you might still be able to use it. 46 more words


Frankenstein - The Search for the Monster

For my final project, I decided to make a remediation in the form of a video game of a couple of scenes from the 1931 movie, Frankenstein. 51 more words


Bands and Lines - Shelley 1933

This is a very special Tea for One set. It was made by Shelley in 1933 but according to the pattern book this set should have been green and yellow – well it’s certainly not that! 41 more words


Video - Summary of Frankenstein

Hi guys!

I found this interesting video made by SparkNotes on YouTube. It is a good summary of Shelley’s Frankenstein.



America in 2017

Inspired by: “England in 1819” by Percy Shelley

A new, mad, blind, despised, and thriving president;

Advisors, fatcats, who strut

Through public scorn- when we can’t pay our rent. 85 more words

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